adding some organics to a traditional program

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by grassmasterswilson, Dec 12, 2012.

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    That's an interesting concept... Do you know how that works???
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    from the University of Wisconsin study:
    Humate and Humic Acid

    By Dr. Wayne R. Kussow, Department of Soil Science,
    University of Wisconsin - Madison

    from the NC State study that I assume he is quoting from:
    Influence of Humic Substances on Rooting and Nutrient Content of Creeping Bentgrass
    R. J. Cooper *,
    Chunhua Liu and
    D. S. Fisher

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    It looks as though the same qualities that make it good for chelating also causes it to absorb and hold herbicides...
    It reads a lot like char, in fact, only char simply adsorbs as opposed to actually absorbing as stated in the article...

    I would imagine there are any number of things that herbicide might bind with in the soils, and this is just one more... this one evidently will never 'let go'... interesting... :)
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    The thing about adding humates to the sand culture would most likely be atributed to the increase of CEC...

    I wonder if there is any advantage to removing the humic acid from the leftovers of dissolved OM and using those, as opposed to,,, just using the original material they come from??? :)

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