Adding storage sheds to mowing?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by racer56, May 26, 2007.

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    I have already bid one for a lady I mow for. I have looked at a ton of storage sheds and all the ones for sale locally and most are not so good. I called the city here twice with questions about these portable building and got 2 different answers of course. Kind of shotgun law around here so hard to follow the rules when they change through the course of a single day :rolleyes: . I have been trying to find a site that has the national building codes on it but can't find any. I find it hard to believe that any of the sheds sold here locally could pass any kind of standards at all. One town close said anything over 120 sq' requires a permit but didn't know about building standards just said it would be 25.00,ha. It was like look just give us some money and do waht you want. That works well until a problem happens and the building wasn't built to whatever standard it should have been. I guess I'm just a follow the rules kind of guy.
    Looks to be some good money in it if I can get things lined out. Tuesday I'm going to talk to another customer about one as well. Nice thing is I don't need 20k of equipment to build them like our mowing set up.
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    Try this site.

    You'll have to buy the plans, but they are inexpensive and the guy who provides them seems to be actually looking for guys like you to spread his gospel. And once you have the plans for one size shed, the plans for the next size won't be much different. I suspect there's a good chance you've already seen sheds that were built from his plans. I think they are head and shoulders better than anything you'll see in Lowes or Home Depot. Good luck with it.
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    I can personally vouch for these plans. I built three of them and am about to build a fourth. They are well designed and easy to build. When compared to some of the prebuilt and kits out there, these are clearly the better choice.

    The 12$ or so for the plans are well worth the money just for the cut list. I had almost no waste left over. Sure you could build one from scratch, but anymore just one extra sheet of unnecessary plywood pays for the plans.

    I constantly have people asking where I bought my shed. I point to all the POS sheds in my neighborhood and tell people those are the bought ones. I can proudly say: I made mine.

    Typically the kits are made from 2X3 lumber. The plans call for 2X4 which aren't significantly more expensive on a small scale, but sure make for a nicer building.

    Here's a picture of the first one I built for myself. I made some on the fly design changes based on the availibility of some cheap or free materials. THe base is treated 2X6 with 3/4 treated plywood deck (I know, a little overkill) I did the roof overhang a little different since I had a little extra plywood. I even used architectural shingles. I am a big fan of the smartside (pre primed exterior osb) vs. t-111. It seems both more durable and easier to paint. This thing will probably outlast the house.


    This was after I painted the trim but before I painted the shed. It was probably a bit overkill, but I put it all together with screws and construction adhesive. The only nails I used were roofing nails. It took me about 2 days to build the first one. With air tools and slightly less obsession toward detail (the first one was at my house) I can easily build one in a day.

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