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    Any LCO's add stump grinding to their roster of services in house ( not subbed ) How did you do it ? What preparations must be made ? Is there some special insurance that is required other than general liability or completed operations ? I'm looking at using a Bobcat MT52 with a grinder attachment so I can have good access and manuverability. Any one using this setup ? good ? bad ? I used to have someone doing it ( subbed out ) but they got out of the business and everyone else is charging astronomical rates for example $ 500 to do one stump that is about 22" diameter, black cherry and about 18" high.. I can only assume that they just dont want or need the work ? Any thoughts on this add on service. Thanks
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    The cherry wood would be hard on the diamond blade. So I would charge more.

    We sub that service out, and for an easy access pine stump, about 12 inch diameter
    I've had quotes any-where from one hundred to 150.00

    I am a landscape company and also an arborist.
    I mostly write arborist reports in that area of the business.
    Our insurance only covers up to 12 feet off of the ground, so
    I don't climb.

    If you guys are getting a price for this type of work
    Watch out, if you get a quote from a tree guy,
    be aware that he's probably adding some gravy onto the quote
    the stump guy gave to him
    to give to you!

    The grinder and blades are quite expensive. There aren't as many tree services here that do the job themselves. Alot seem to sub it out.
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    In the spring I will drive around and look for stump jobs and line up as many as I can do in 1 weekend. Usually they are about 16-30 inches and I charge according to what they want done if they just want the stump out its fairly easy 100...but if they want me to haul away the dirt/sawdust and re/re with soil and sod it will go up to 200-250.

    I however rent a small grinder/15 horse with the blade being about 12 inches big. It does a good enough job and I can get into backyards with it. Rentall is about 150 when picked up sat I get it for the whole weekend.
    weekend take is about 1500 which sets u my big start up costs for the spring. I know the smaller units are about 3500-4000 so purchasing does not make economic sense.
    I do the same for rolling and aerating...renting is way more cheaper...for me!!!
    My record is 27 in one weekend!!!!!

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