Adding weight to your mower


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I was wondering if anyone adds weight to their tractor? I have a scag walkbehind and i was thinking about adding 50 pounds of weight to the front. Reason being i have a velky on the back and sometimes the front wants to lift off the ground. Im not huge, 170 pounds maybe soaking wet but if i go up a slight hill it tends to want to rise. It will also keep the front from jumping if i hit a dip in the yard. I know exmark has weight kits for the front. Just wondering if anyone adds weights to their rigs.


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I've saw everything from pieces of railroad rail to a literal barbell and weights strapped to the front on a WB. Just make sure it doesn't put stress on the forks. I don't know how stout a Scag is up front, but I've saw older Gravely's with busted forks from guys with weights on them.

I think the Exmark weights are only about 9lbs each, one mounted on each fork.

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