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    I started a lawn mowing service last year and ended up with about 12 regular customers. I purchased a 2052 Fastrak, which I love. I also used it this winter on the two snow occasions with the snow blade and performed snow removal for those clients.

    I have been advertising and am now cutting 40 lawns a week, with addtional direct mailers going to 50K homes in both May and June. Of the 40 lawns, two are over 2 acres.

    I am concerned that I may be abusing my Fastrak by running it so hard and am considering another Hustler. Most of my lawns run about 16K ft2. I like the 52" deck, however, would consider going 60" in a Z.

    I should also say that I have a used Metro 36" belt WB for gated yards.

    My goal is to mow approximately 100 lawns a week by end of season.

    Which huster do you suggest for me? One of my local dealers recommended the Z with the new XR7 deck, 24Honda
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    A 60" mower will work well for you.
    My only concern would be making sure it fits your current properties.

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