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addressing a "cold" letter

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When sending a "cold" letter out to a business, who do you address the letter too? I have a great letter drafted. But I'm just not sure who to send it off too. I like to show up in person but there are a few tuff nuts to crack that i'd like to send a letter off too... Thanks for any help
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Have your attorney send it marked urgent, with his stationary it might get read.
Someone just shoot me, please.
Don't die yet, he may show pics of the CUSTOM 75" Echo Hedge Trimmer.:)
Ya I could post a pic if I could ever find were my wife put it after Christmas at the In-Laws. What I did was had a 40" Echo that my guys beat to hell and keep eating chain link fence with the last few inches of the blade. So I went and bought 2 new ones and said to myself, " dam I wish I had hedge trimmers that where longer than 40" so I could trim more without the need of a latter or moving the latter as much. I hate those small bladed hedge trimmers on a pole, they take up to much time and don't leave as nice a cut on big hedges. I cut the blades off the bad motor and the bad teethat the end cutting the support bar just a hair longer than the farthest outstroke so it would bounce off anything solid. I then cut the tip off the OK used clippers and welded the two sections together and grinded them smooth. Tested them out and had to move the handle out a few more inches. Needless to say, they are heavy when you have your are extended and you must keep it at a 45 degree angle when your cutting the tops of hedges as the blades will bend and not cut flat if you don't. You must man these trimmers!!!!:weightlifter:

Please post the pics as soon as you find them.:)
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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