Adeas printing? Good Quality?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by CriderLawn09, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. ef200098

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    If you guys are thinking of the stick it hangers, I urge you to reconsider. I will probably try the band it hangers next time. Ive received more calls than i care to count about "theres a mark on my window, door, or other". Some people were irate and some were nice and just letting me know. Had a decent response, nothing more than normal door hangers though.

  2. sergman89

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    I truly hope you are wrong!!!

    I just ordered 2500 of there stick-it since it would be better to see the doorhanger at eye level and stands out. I will be heated if the doorhangers leave residue on windows, or plastic when they say dont leave residue!! :cry:
  3. ef200098

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    I had a company distribute them, 10,000. Got 20 calls chewing me out. I'm sure those 20 told 5 people each, and so on and so on. I called adeas, and they told me 'oh well'. Some left residue on glass, most of the bad calls were paint torn off. 4 calls about having to scrub residue off windows. Not worth the hassle. Getting calls from people all day saying they are going to sue me. Oh well, take the good with the bad.
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  4. sergman89

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    How many people called for service? Hopefully more then 20!!!

    Ha Adea's video says "wont leave residue" on there videos and website quite often... sooooo was it cold or hot out?
  5. sergman89

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    Is there an Adeas sponsor seeing this???

    Could you comment this if possible, how come it leaves residue??
  6. ColvinsPS

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    I have some of the stick it ones too and i am weary of them leaving marks. I am trying to only put them on glass or on door frames. I haven't had any one call (at all) yet so we will see if it works or sticks or not.

    Quality wise they are decent. I wish i wouldn't have bought them now and just went a different avenue for advertising though! I should have lettered my truck and trailer.
  7. sergman89

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    All I know is if I get 5 clients out of these 5000 doorhangers it will pay for the door hangers after two weeks.

    If I get the 1% which seems to be the average thatll be 50 clients on average at 30 a mow= 1500 a week before exspenses and that will pay for the doorhangers and getting the trailer wrapped in two weeks time!!

    Positive minds get positive results!!!:usflag:
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    Hi, this is Robin with Adeas Printing. I just wanted to take some time to respond to some of the posts on this forum in regards to our Stick-It® products leaving residue. I posted previously in this thread about our recommendation not to use the Stick-It® on painted surfaces due to the inability to control the quality of paint or if the customer prepared the surface properly before painting. I did see that there was mention of our Stick-It® leaving a residue on glass windows and we have tested our product on this surface extensively and have no problems even in extreme hot and cold temperatures. For the best distribution & return results look to our Band-It Stick-It Door Hanger. Use Band-It on the knobs, Stick-It® for the storm glass windows & then the customer can still use the Stick-It® inside to place your ad in view on the refrigerator.

    Mike – I am trying to follow up with you in regards to the issue you have experienced. I assure you “oh well” is not a common response at Adeas Printing and I would like to discuss the issue you had with our quality control personnel. If you would like to post or private message me your company name, phone number & email I would be glad to have our Director of Operations contact you immediately to discuss this. Also in response to leaving the backing all over the neighborhood… the instructions say to peel the liner ½ way back which leaves the liner attached to the hanger to avoid littering in the neighborhood. This is also great because it leaves the consumer with a fresh half of Stick-It they may use to attach to the refrigerator in case the door was dirty and won’t allow the Stick-It to re-stick once removed.

    Let me know if you have any questions -- thanks again for your continued business!
    Robin -- (866) 778-4254

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