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Adjusting cut height on metro 48"


Manufacturer / Sponsor

Thanks for the post and welcome to Lawnsite. The cutting height for the Metro is adjusted with front caster spacers, blade spacers and a rear axle adjustment.

The rear axle adjustment is one that you probably won't do very often. My machine is 9 years old and it's been adjusted up once and then back down as soon as I was done cleaning up an overgrown lot.

Most operators will operate the mower in a cutting height range that they can accommodate with the front caster spacers and the blade spacers.

To change the caster spacers it really only takes a few seconds. This is where 99% of the field adjustments will be applied.

The blade spacers require removing the blade and the blade bolt and relocating the spacers, which are really thick washers. This takes a good 15 minutes or so with hand tools.

If you want a really detailed look at all the adjustments you can download a Metro operators manual from the tech support section of our web page.

You can also give me a call here at the factory at 1-800-667-5296 at your convenience as well.