Adjusting Torsion Spring

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by rocklandls, Mar 7, 2012.

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    I'm looking for some help or even a DIY video. I need help with the tenison spring adjustment/ set up.

    I have a Pace Enclosed trailer with a single torsion spring for the rear ramp door. I am suppose to have 2 cables that attach to the ramp.

    I usually keep one cable off since my mower/vac just makes it up the ramp. The other day I ripped of the other cable. I ripped it off last year too, brought it to the dealer and it cost me $150 to fix.

    I know all the dangers about ripping my arms and face off, but I am not going to pay this every time I need.

    Can anyone help me with setting up the cables and adjusting the torsion springs?

  2. ParkWelding

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    I don't know if there are different styles or methods of setting up the system. To replace cables on my trailer, this is how you did it:

    Start with the door closed. Crimp a stop on a piece of cable a little longer than the old one. Get the stop end into the notch in the pulley. Wind the cable around the pulley so it sits properly in all the grooves. Slide ferrule on the cable and make a loop with the grooved bushing inside. Adjust it so it just makes it to the tab on the door. Crimp it and bolt it up. If there is not enough tension to assist you with closing the door, close the door and remove the cable. Figure a way to put a turn or two into the spring and hold it in place (or have someone help you). Put the cable back on and try the door again. Keep adding tension till it opens AND closes properly. Write the number of turns of the spring on the inside of the trailer so you know what to do next time the cable breaks.

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