Adjustinjg valves on a kawasaki

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by DLCS, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. DLCS

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    How difficult is it to adjust the valves on a 25hp kawasaki horizontal air cooled? I have one with 800hrs and they have never been adjusted(I know big mistake). Is this something my dealer needs to do or is this something that someone with some mechanical ability can do. I would really like to do this myself, for something to do. Do i need special tools?
  2. Restrorob

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    Check your PM's.....
  3. pugs

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    Its fairly simple. To be honest, I dont think anyone does what Kawasaki recommends. I think they say every 300 hours. I am still waiting for a customer to come in and ask me to adjust his valves...

    I would recommend getting a pair of rocker cover gaskets on hand in case you tear yours up when you have them off.

    Other than that, you will need some wrenches, sockets, feeler gauges, and I think you need hex keys on the kawasakis if I remember right.
  4. carcrz

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    Is there a manual on doing this? I'm not an engine guy, but I can figure it out pretty easy if I have something to look at..
  5. lubricity

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    One is I think a 10 mm and hex. It takes a little knack to master it. if you are all thumbs, don't attempt it. It is not hard but just takes a "technique". Even a pro may have to redo it once or twice to get it right. You set it and run the motor by hand around and recheck it.
    If not right you can screw the motor up. Beware!!!!!

    SUNSHINESFARM LawnSite Member
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    rotate the engine until the piston is at top dead center. both valves should be loose when at TDC. you will need a 12mm wrench and a metric allen wrench to adjust them, I usualy adjust them to .008 on both valves. insert the allen wrench and hold it, take your wrench and loosen the locknut, stick your .008" feeler guage between the rocker and the valve, tighten the allen wrench until you feel some drag on the feeler guage, hold the allen wrench in position and tighten the locknut. new gaskets are a good idea for sure
  7. Godfather

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    i had no idea you have to adjust valves. i have kohler ohv and it says noting about this. is it a kawi thing or just on larger engines?
  8. Restrorob

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    Kohler OHV's have hydraulic lifters, No adjustment required. Just make sure to use the recommended 10w30 oil.
  9. MowerMedic77

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    Just a little helpful info :) Kawi valve adjustment spec on a model FH721D is .004"-.006" cold TDC.

    Hope this helps :drinkup:
  10. DLCS

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    Ok I decided to let my dealer do the adjusting, I just don't trust myself. LOL I stoped in to my dealer last week and told them that I'll be bringing 2 of my mowers in to get the valves adjusted. They told me that not many people have this done but they will adjust them if I want them to. I think he said the cost was $65 per machine. My question now is, do any of you guys adjust your valves as Kawasaki recomends or am I wasting my money? Both machines have around 800-900 hrs with no adjustment.

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