Admin, please make Green Energy forum, for self sufficiency info

Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by sedge, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. sedge

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    Admin, please make Green Energy forum, for self sufficiency info

    Please leave thread

    there are many guys on here with interest in green energy I think, like small solar set ups, hydro-electricity generation for the home and alternative fuels for the trucks/cars and i think a lot could be gleamed from posting in a green energy forum on this site......

    I have looked in the off topic forum for some solar energy stuff that was posted a year or so ago, but was hard to find. if it had it's own forum, easy to address and add comments too, as it won't get lost....

    if any one is thinking it would be a good idea, jump on before they move the thread some where or don't think there is any interest....
  2. Michael J. Donovan

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    I moved this to the support forum here since it didn't belong in the "tell your story" forum

    anyway, I can check into it and let you know if we will add one...not promising we will or we won't but I can check :waving:
  3. MileHigh

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    I'll keep my 2-strokes, and diesel powered truck.

    BTW, when you do a can search under every forum under the advanced search...surprised you wouldn't already know about that feature.
  4. sedge

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    been there done that

    that's not my point. point is a place to discuss about those subjects. on your truck, maybe you can get some more power with some different fuel blends and related.

    this is not a "bash" diesel trucks and 2 stroke mowers. i have a diesel truck and 2 stoke stuff as well, wouldn't be with out them.... a lot of hunters on this site. maybe they wanted to install some solar power for their hunting cabin or maybe they have a small fast flowing stream and they wanted to know if any one had a really small hydro generation plant...

    the applications is endless.......
  5. sedge

    sedge LawnSite Fanatic
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    well, your board, so your rules... hard to know though with only one forum besides politics carrying the request and this forum doesn't get a lot of traffic, but thanx just the same....
  6. Marcos

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    I think that's a heck of an idea, sedge. :waving:

    There are boatloads of folks out there right now in the original Green Industry (the "green industry" tied to lawn, landscape & golf course maintenance) who's somewhat marginal career skills definitely limit them in what they're able to aspire to.
    Many of them 'beat only one drum', meaning that they might mow grass, ONLY mow grass, then hibernate for the winter, etc.
    A lot of them are smarter than whips, very good at what they do, but are destined to stay stuck in a rut simply because of too much competition around them in the exact work that they do.

    A new Lawnsite Green Energy forum may indeed be inspirational to folks just like this who are looking to build their personal resume & skill level, maybe enough for some of them to enroll in vocational night classes on solar energy (or whatever).

    For some, these kinds of baby steps are what it takes to diversify a little, and to finally make it on their own.
  7. Marcos

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    BladeScape, no one's out to take away anyone's stuff.
    only to make it more & more efficient as time goes by.

    Take a monent to put this into perspective:

    If about 105 years ago, the ruling majority of American businessmen & civic leaders agreed unanimously that 'things should stay the same as they are', Henry Ford's invention would've been tossed into the junk heap.
    Our great-grandparents wouldn't have known about the relative ease & luxury of the Model T as compared to horse-drawn wagons.

    The only thing that stays the same, is that everything changes.
  8. topsites

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    +1 karma

    Not so much into running 'hybrid' tools, even the EV autos don't do much for me,
    and it has more to do with the fact that I'm not so sure it really 'saves' much in the sum,
    but I am all about energy conservation and to a point, production.

    There are many ways to conserve energy even with yesterday's tools and vehicles,
    I see it all too often as well, business owners concentrating on their business while
    forgetting all about their homes...
    My attitude is that reducing one's cost of living easily translates into a reduced cost of doing business.

    Anyhow, I also know I've posted some stuff on solar energy, there was
    some interest at the time but like yourself, when the stuff gets lost so fast...

    Do a google for "hypermiling" to see what kind of mpg some nutcases are getting.
    Not that I necessarily agree with all hypermiling tactics as more than a few are unsafe practice,
    but I think the last 'record' set was 200 miles per the gallon, in a car (yes a hybrid, pure gassers might push 100'ish).

    All that folklore that's been spreading for 20 odd years, folks blaming the government for not giving us the technology to
    achieve 100mpg's, when in reality the technology is inside our vehicles today and the real reason for bad economy is driving style...

    I'd hate to see what a diesel hypermiler could do, but they'd whoop all of us in the fuel efficiency department.
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  9. sedge

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    bump, bump
  10. Marcos

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    Hmmmm...Now, I wonder if it would work, sedge. :confused:
    Folks could ruin a lawnsite Green Energy forum.
    They could easily turn it into more of a debate forum than what you might envision because they're (apparently) paranoid about state people or the feds mandating an end-date for engines on some of their current equipment.

    But you're right.
    Green Energy could be something many people in this industry could work toward in the near future, or even when things get droughty & dry for them and they can't mow (for example) during lull peroids.

    There could be plenty of discussion about things far, far away from the arguments concerning engine efficiency of 2 & 4 cycle lawn equipment, etc.
    There could be discussion of geothermal loop design in someone's backyard lot or pond.
    Discussion about solar installs on roofs &/or on the ground.
    Discussion about windmills, big & small, small like the one your grandpa might have had.
    Discussion about plant installation on rooftops, or 'living roofs'

    Geez! The possibilities are endless...:dizzy:
    So maybe, a little debate mixed in wouldn't be so bad after all! :laugh:

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