Admin, please make Green Energy forum, for self sufficiency info

Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by sedge, Sep 22, 2009.

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    Yes, Yes, Yes a green energy forum would be great. To hear all the things folks like muddstopper, treegal & king and kiril and many others are doing to limit their exposure to the power grid is fascinating to say the lest. Solar panels for our homes roofs, water fuel cars, wind, etc is where energy is going and this site could benefit big time - if they are thinking???? More advertisers = More money for lawnsite - no brainer!
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  3. Valk

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    Do solar/electric mowers generate enough RPMs and torque to adequately cut (thick) grass with precision? :confused:
    A precise cut is much better for the they can heal w/o brown tips forming.
  4. Marcos

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    That hinges upon your specific definition of... "thick".

    There are boatloads of contractors & homeowners alike out there who disregard week after week the o-so-important 'Rule of 1/3' when it comes to proper mowing height.
    Obviously, this is something that has to be 100% in place before you even begin to talk about alternative types of mowers.

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