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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by truenorthlandscaping, Mar 5, 2005.

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    This probably applies to companies at 5+ employees, in that 250K + range (perhaps a little less/more). Give some feedback on your experiences with a good (or bad) administrator. I've heard some of the reputable landscape consultants time & again say that a company hits that point when a good 15-25 hour/week administrator is worth their weight in gold, & that until they take care of that 'piece' of the puzzle, growth will be limited. I'm starting to see the wisdom in that. I'm no computer genius, & more & more I'm getting buried under opening mail, faxes, filing, photocopying, keeping website updated, data bases, mailing lists, the list goes on & on. We've used CLIP software for 4 years, & it saves us a ton of time & headache on the scheduling/billing end, but we're coming to a point where even that needs someone to baby it a little along w/everything else. Accounting and payroll are already taken care of, but still there's everything else. I'm guessing I've got 15-18 hours/week, & that's for someone fairly efficient who doesn't need a big learning curve. For those of you who took the leap, when did you do it? Was it worth it? Did the position pay for itself in freeing you up to get back into production, sales, and quality control? Any advice, stories etc. would be greatly appreciated. Also, place an hourly value on this position, assuming the person is GOOD. Thanks!
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    I have been training my wife to take over some responsbilities this year because I have always done it in the past. But I was actually thinking about having my mother do it because she is retiring probably within two years. She has talked before of wanting to do it, and I could always use her attitude for collections and dealing with customers. (she works for the friend of the court. if anybody knows about what they go through you would understand)
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    get rid of doing your own worker's comp and get a leasing agency to do that and almost all your other back office, compliance work. The only thing you would still need to do is advertising, invoicing and phone work.

    I just signed up and think it is the way to go. Costs me 0.5% more than getting comp on my own.

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