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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Runner, Oct 23, 2003.

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    Well, it looks like we're going to do it. I've thought about about it for some time now (over the last year, or so), and have decided that we are going to take on a strip of I-75, here by our home. We have a MAJOR corridor here where it starts (we call "hamburger alley") full of restaurants, retail, and some rather large stores, such as a Meijer's and Home Depot. Anyway, I will be going approx. 2 miles south, and back. This will be done 3 times per year at designated time slots, and all materials are provided by the D.O.T.. This should prove to be an adventure, but rewarding all the same. It's a two year agreement, with the option to renew on that same strip. The D.O.T. also provides two large signs for the program (one for each end) that will have our company name on them. Has anyone else ever done anything like this?:)
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    No, but we talk about this all the time.
    In fact, I was going to bring this up here on Lawnsite before, because I had never saw it discussed.
    Since though that we don't have any employees to do this, we didn't want to be two lone rum dums on the highway picking up trash. That's what deterred us.

    It sure would be nice if you could get your phone number on the sign. :D
    However, I know that's not how it's done.

    Glad to see you'll be giving us free advertising up in Michigan. Too bad you're not closer to us. :D
    Take a picture of the sign. I want to see the Ground Control name on the sign. :)
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    Yup we did it for 1 period and found out thats its ALOT of work to keep the stretch of road clean.
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    I certainly will send a pic of the sign. I never really thought of that, as far as the name on the sign. Hopefully, it will be near an Interstate 75 sign (which also happens to be U.S.23 here on the same strip.
    Incidentally, about the name Ground Control? I went into a Grainger Supply Co. we have here in town, and applied for a catalog. When the gal brought up our name on the computer, guess how many of them they had just on THEIR mailing list.....

    141. I couldn't believe it. Many were excavators, and a few were landscapers. Some were other various things. (No Cape Canaveral:p) I couldn't believe there were that many, though.

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