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has any one took these classes or similar.are they worth
starting your own business........$96.
small engine repair...............$125.
residential landscape.............$125
maintaining landscape.............$105

whene i was 19 i took night classes for auto body they
didnt teach no one. it was more like working on your own
car every time and if you had a question you just ask.
shure wish i still had that ss chevelle.


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I agree with Mr. Administrator. I eventually found out that ANY course asking around 200 or less I can just read up on or learn in the field. Save your money. If you want you can work on my Chevelle. Needs a good restoration.


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man im not only learning from this site.

im saving to..will not take long to get that new trailor
at this rate.

great site mr.administrator


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I have both taken and attended Adult Basic Education classes. They're usually fine if you want a very basic understanding of the subject. The instructors are most often people with some knowledge in the field, but not necessarily. They must teach to the lowest common denominator - in other words the person in the class with the least amount of knowledge in the subject. Remember, too, the instructors are likely to have some experience the subject but not in how to teach. They will often not realize they are "teaching over your head" or, even worse, not teaching in sequence and leaving out steps because "everybody knows that". I would agree with the others' here - save your money and read through the posts that pertain to what you want to learn more about. You can even determine when you have the time to "attend class". Also, think about it - the ABE instructors are likely people new to the field and need the income. The people on sites like this are generally more experienced with more practical knowledge.

Another example of the benefits of the Internet and how it's changing the world.



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I would recommend that you ask a friend who is certified to apply chemicals to let you tag along as an "employee" so that you can pick up on the FREE knowledge that is available to them.

As for landscaping expertise the best knowledge comes from the "grandfathers" of the business (in my opinion).

I have found that with landscaping just like lawn care if you are not out to discuss pricing many of the business owners who have been around for over a decade will be willing to help you out here and there because they wont feel threatened.

You could also check with local landscape architects, some times you can bid on proposals suitble for your company's size and they can help you finding suitable laborers.

Good luck!!


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I paid $125. for a "Start your own Business" class 1.5 years ago through Tulsa Technology Center.
Like everyone above stated, it's very basic and it's not tuned to LMOs, etc. It did give me a lot of resource information for doing a business right however. BUT the cool thing is I can call on the instructor @ any time (He's a CPA) @ no cost to me!
They essentially told us we receive free consulting for the $125. and there had been others who went on to start their own LMOs, so the instructor could introduce me to some of those guys. I really haven't used it much, BUT it is a resource I have that's available to me.
Hope this helps...

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