Advertise before you even have equipment???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dingo, Feb 11, 2000.

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    I know it is tempting. But if you buy cheap low quality equipment and keep it for 2 years. That will be the most frustrating pain in the you know where 2 years of your life. You will most likely need 2 or 3 of everything. Because most of it will be in the shop half the time. The cheap belts will break in no time. The little deck wheels will wear out in no time. The small engine will strain under high grass etc. Most any kind of business has struggle the first couple of years. Doesn't mean that you have to start of with junk. And too, If I am sitting in the dentist chair and he says &quot;Woa! I haven't seen this before I have to go to the hardware to egt the right tool for this job&quot; I am getting the you know what out of that place:)<br>
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    $350,000.00 in revenue this year and you can't buy an $8000.00 mower! I must be doing something way way wrong. As for some of you out there putting down those that purchase new, or newer trucks, try working on your old clunker in front of your customers house because the P O S won't start, not to mention all the down time doing repairs. What is the most important thing about this business? I think you have to make it to the job site in order to get the job done. A truck is a tool and an expense that is not a want, it's a have to! <p>Bottom line is if you buy junk your going to get burnt out quick. Nothing pisses me off more than a smart a_ _ and equipment that constantly lets me down. <p>Homer
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    Lickity, I just purchased a new 721D grasshopper w/61&quot; flip up deck for $8000 cash. Shop around before you give $10,500. Thanks, Lynn
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    Homer: <br>It's called managing equipment, cash flow, and using the point of diminishing returns.<p>For my customers, probably only a thrid of the time comes from mowing. The rest is spent with clean up, pruning, spraying, fertilization, weed control, etc.<p>A good three man crew can service 18 yards in a 10 hour day with a 48 and 36 inch WB. If I had a ZTR or other faster mower maybe that crew could do 20 -21 yards but if they do more then the quality of the other work would obviously be sacrificed.<p>Using this example, it is more profitable to set up an additional crew with the same equipment and maintain another 18 yards. I then have about $10,000 invested (48s at $2700 and the 36s at $2400) in 4 mowers and I can do 36 yards in a day. There is no way I could do 36 yards with a ZTR ($7500) and a 36 ($2400). <p>Also the ZTR may be quicker to mow a yard but it is not making money any time equipment is on the trailer. It is much easier to coordinate routes and make them closer (which means more profitable) if you have 2 trucks out instead of just one. <p>The concern I see is not what you can afford but buying what the best equipment for the job is. <p>
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    Is that what they mean by the &quot;New fangled math&quot;?
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    Ok first off mountain man your guys only cut 18 lawns in a 10 hour day. I hope they are acre or more and if that is true then a ztr would make your money back. 3 man crew doing full services on average 10000 to 25000 sf lawns do about 30 a day. in 8 to 10 hours Now for dingo go out get the jobs dont tell them you dont have a mower. Only Question I have ever been asked as far as my equipment is do you use those big mowwers. Thats it not do you have a mowwer. Poeple take that you have the means to do their lawn if your giveing them the price. I would get some jobs and see what you need. One word of advice is dont put all your money into equipment and make sure you have some put to the side to fall back on if need and for ever day needs. Gas, oil ect ect. If you only land 20 accounts look for a good used mower. I have bought many used mowwers, trucks, sod cutters and more. Only have had 2 times it came back to huant me. And both of those where bought for me by a freind. (busy couldnt go to auction) Take your time a find what you need. BUT I would spend the money up front on all 2 cycle equipment buy it new. They are within a REASONABLE price. They are what give you that look of being more then a lawn boy. And spend money on fliers and ad in paper get your name out and seen. Some one had said get a business phone line I agree do it up front. It is well worth every dime it costs. Plus if down the line you decide this is not for you you can sell it to some one esle.
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    Dingo, Its good to have an existing customer base before you start,but what would your clients think if you said &quot;sorry I cant do your lawn as I havent got a mower yet&quot; Part<br>and parcel of being in business is being<br>professional,even at the very begining.<br>DONT ask to use clients mowers/equipment.<br>Doing so will destroy the professional image<br>you are working hard to project.(And you'll<br>look like a knob-head) :)<br>Best of luck in your new venture<p>Karl<br>

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