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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Doogiegh, Nov 10, 2001.

  1. You may feel free to copy the pics I have provided here to your equipment website. Once any photos are posted on the internet they pretty much become public domain.
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    Exactly my point.. I want to continue sitting behind my desk Monday through Friday, but on Saturday I want to be able to add a day of good work to the routine to make some extra cash.. And since this is my part time, side job that I'll take seriously since I know it has alot of potential.. that's great for me. But I'm not going to go out and buy a $8500 dixie chopper ztr so I can be competitive with the big boys when the lawns I'm looking to cut are very small local neighborhood lawns that could be mowed with a walking 21", much less a 30" rider..

    I just have to work on the target advertising and get some customers going.. Getting the first phone calls to get the first job is the roughest part so far.

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    If you wanted to buy a nice Wb but didnt want to spend alot on a new one, you can pick up a wantad press and find a nice piece of used equipment that may not had alot of use. I purchased a brand new 36in, but my 48in bobcat was found in the wantadpress. The machine had about 500 hrs on it, and i bought it for a $1000. The only repair i did was new belts. I would not buy a used trimmer, or backpack blower becasue they are usually ran until they are dead, and always abused. There are great deals out there, and you dont have to go spend $10,000 on new equipment to cut 5 accounts that make you 200 bucks a week.

    Good luck
    Fellow New jerzyian
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    They're also on my site.
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    5 accounts @ $200 a week will leave me wanting a life ring!
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    i dont know bob, to each his own i guess. ive been working for someone else for 18 miserable years, got a good trade, pay is good, work is gravy. BUT, ive been running my lawn service part time for 7 yrs now, and am looking forward to being full time within 2 years. i see it as very do able. im tired of being at the mercy of my employer, being paid by the hour, told when i can take off, or when i have to work overtime, and dealing with coworkers behavior disorders, worst part though is knowing that i am paid by the hour and the only way to make more money, is to work more hours. still have plenty to learn, but it wont be long till i put a big sign where my parking spot was, it says, I QUIT!!!by the way, what part of jersey r u guys from?
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    iIm in north arlington nj, 5min away from giants stadium. How aout you?

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