Advertise organics now?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by starry night, Mar 4, 2009.

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    seems like we got wayyyyyyyyyyy of topic on this one. What does everyone do as far as advertising go? Newspaper ads, yellow pages, word of mouth? Lets hear about advertising and stick to the topic:)
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    Door hangers, website, word of mouth (business cards)... ALL with the same theme/feel.

    Truck isn't lettered yet, will be asap (with same theme).

    Oh, and I have friends that let me put stacks of my business cards at their businesses.

    Also, I just started a Facebook add campaign. It targets people in specific cities and with specific interests. The add has an image of my logo (for branding) so even if they don't click it branding is happening. 48 hours with 28,000 impressions and 6 click troughs to my website... cost so far? $3.48 (well free with my $50 credit from Godaddy)

    If the Facebook gets decent response I might go with Google and Yahoo advertising as well.
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    If you really want to get back on topic, it was supposed to be about Organics Advertising. Thanks.
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    You left out the last line.
    It is not appropriate to speculate on the significance of the results until a proper evaluation has been completed and reviewed.
    Not saying you're wrong, but the study is not done.
    I also did not see any reference as to which EPA grade of biosoilds was tested. I'll admit to not reading all links. And I'll admit to believing using biosolids on lawns is a good sustainable practice.
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    Put posters in local veterinarian offices, day care centers, etc. Forget Yellow Pages.
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    Sorry I side tracked everything.


    Organics have a stigma. That stigma is "a safe alternative". Most people want the best, not an alternative. Sell your products on their merits without turning away potential skeptics.

    Market yourself as the best. People want assurance that you are professional, knowledgeable, easy to deal with, sturdy, reliable and proven.

    Pass out door hangers that say something to this effect:

    "Our business is providing exceptional results with natural products, to enhance the nature of your landscape."

    "Find out how easy and inexpensive it is to turn tired soil - into TOPSOIL. Reliable and proven methods that show visible results."

    An advertisement like this makes you a provider not an alternative.

    It targets everybody, and best of all it doesn't feed the "Organic is safe" monster that has bitten everyone including the EPA.

    It also leaves flexibility to offer many services and cater to each clients needs.
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    Very well said

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