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    i finally did one call from my craigslist ad.

    i got all excited when i found out it was a rather nice and large house on much acreage. however that changed when i went out to bid on the job.

    rich people are such cheap asses. i needed the work so i took the job. roughly 3.5 acres. i gave a bid of $180 for mowing, trimming, edging and blowing. she insisted that she had never paid more than $120.

    like i said, i took the job because i was doing everything i could to build my business. took my about 5.5 hours and she was very happy with my work. said she would call again if and when their mower broke down again.

    it hasn't and i'm glad. if she calls back, i will kindly tell her i have more business than i can handle now and turn down the job.

    ef craigslist, i won't do that again.

    but for a guy starting out i would still do it.

    anyway, times are much better now. quality yards for the most part, although i still have few that like to mow once a month when the jungle becomes too much. :dizzy:

    once i grow the business a little bit more i am going to politely shed those 3 monthly customers i still have.
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    I used to get the same crap. Cant stand those idiots.

    Zero from mine I posted a couple weeks ago, maybe it's because "If you only care about a low price & do Not care about quality, please do Not contact us" is written in there. I'm done with craigslist ads, obtained a solid fert & clean up client as well as a couple small installs, but I mailed them a spring letter & proposal, didn't hear back, emailed them and she emailed back saying all services are out of tthe budget for this year. This tells me right there to screw advertising on there, waste of time all together.
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