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Hello all,
I am new to the site and just wanted to know what everyone on here does for advertisement. I have been mowin for quite a few years but this year I am hittin it really hard. I plan on a new mower and a lot of accounts, 30 or more. What is the best way you pro's on here have found to land new jobs for the first time? I have been thinking on the newspaper services ad but am wondering about other options. What is the most successful and when should I start on them? I was thinking about now is the time to start because it has been pretty nice outside. Thanks for all the help, you guys are great.


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hey lawnboyblake,
I'd say you are right now is the time to get going, or actually a couple weeks ago! You need to get designing your flyers, so you can get them out. People are going to start getting 3-4 flyers a day when the grass is growing, you need to get them out so people remember them, and they don't blend in with everyone else's!

make one up, and post it here, and people will help you out on comments and things to improve on. You'll get a ton of help from everyone here, except maybe from some people that are just too close to you, that wouldn't be great for their business venture.

Just a note when you are out there, try to keep your prices at the going rates, so as not to lower the standards for everyone. Make sure to read up on here, and cover all your bases. You may be a few weeks behind in getting out, but as you do work, and if it's good, word of mouth will bring more in time.

Good luck!

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