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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kooba, May 10, 2007.

  1. kooba

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    We are struggling with getting new accounts. There are several CO's in the area. We have a add in the paper that describes our services. I was wondering if I should add to the add something like "1st cut FREE if you sign up for weekly mow for summer" Is this good business practice or is there something else you recommend putting in the add? kooba.
  2. LawnSharkMowing

    LawnSharkMowing LawnSite Member
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    Try handing out flyers. Come up with a design describing your services and go to staples to have color copies made.Then go door to door n areas where you want to work. I got more responses from flyers then my ad in the paper. Try it it cant hurt!
  3. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    No, I wouldn't do that if I were you. Something like that has great potential to backfire in your face. What if you get 60 people to sign up and out of 60 25 quit after the first cut. Without going into great detail about contracts and court and things of that nature the bottom line is it can cost you serious money.
  4. kooba

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    My add now says 1 FREE mowing when you sign up with "name of company". Now this doesn't need to be the first mowing then they quit. I knew that might happen. We will tell them when there free cut is. Maybe the second cutting or something like that. They need to agree to a weekly or bi-weekly cut though. I think this may work. thanks for your ideas. kooba.
  5. bohiaa

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    I dont see how you guys work for Free........

    I just dont see it......

    Customers are Killing me. I recive 4 to 6 calls a week and I turn at least half of them, It seems I pick up 2 to 3 new one a week....

    this has gotta STOP.....

    If you want some Cheep GOOD advertisemnet Go Join your Local Chamner Of Commerce.... and Dont just join be active......

    you'll get to cut a ribbon and your pic will be in the newspaper with what you do
  6. kooba

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    Bohia, Its called competition. You must not have any. We are new this year and want to get some more accounts. I don't mind cutting one lawn for free if I can get them the rest of the summer. Seems like a good business proposition to me. I could be wrong. I hope not. kooba.

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