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    Hi guys and gals......... Question........I live in Canton Mississippi, about 30000 peeps live here. Getting into cutting part time next season...How do I advertise? I scouted out the neighborhoods, and I've found some nice neighborhoods. I was thinking of printing flyers and leaving door to door in those areas (hehe gonna get my 7 and 5 year olds to drop them at doors). Anyway, also going to hit my friends up that have large yards. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Consider making the flyers into a short letter explaining that you are getting into business and will be offering personal service. You have to sell yourself on what people need. You have to see what your competition is good at and do better and what your competition is bad at and make sure you can deliver a better service.

    My business started from short letters like this and my competition was a lawn company that got too big too fast and hired a bunch of college kids to mow. When people got tired of burnouts on the lawn from kids racing Lazers, poor cuts and little accountability, I sold myself as the owner of the business as well as the guy who will be mowing. That was the start.

    Check out your competitors and see how they advertise but there are many ad opportunities in every community. Post tearoffs in gas stations, grocery stores, hardware stores, community centers, city hall, churches, ect.

    Is your community growing residentially or commercially. Check the county registrar and find who has just bought a home then target them. Contact real estate agents to see if they have any work for you.

    The bottom line is that there is work to do and you have to go and find it. Whatever you do make sure you can deliver and make good on what you sell or you will be selling your equipment.
    Good Luck.
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    A lot of Peeps huh? Hope your not allergic to marshmallow's! ;)

    Read the posts on this site, especially in the elements of business section and your questions will be answered!

    Theres no simple answer to all your advertising needs, just read the posts and ask some specific questions about different methods.

    There is a great search feature here. DO a search for flyers, advertising, etc.

    You'll have a ton of reading to do!

    Say Whazup to your peeps for me!


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