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    My signs cost $120.00 for the pair. I also have one on the tailgate ($45.00)

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    I think it's better to go with permanent lettering if you can...If the sign can be taken off in 2 seconds, what might that imply about the business when the customer has a problem? Not to say something bad WOULD happen, just that the customer may think that. But if the vehicle isn't yours, magnetic will likely be the way you have to go.

    As for laws on signage, in WI you only are required to have a sign when the GVW is 26K or over.

    Lastly, I've found that signage adds credibility, implies stability and longevity, and those are all important. But don't expect the phones to start ringing because of the signage on your truck. In my 5 years of biz I've had 2 calls come in because they got the name/number off my truck.
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    In our area magnetic signs are popular due to homeowner association rules. Many prohibit the parking of vehicles with signs in the neighborhood overnight. A pick-up with signs is a commercial vehicle. No signs---just somebody's truck.
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    When I first started out I took a piece of marine plywood and had it cut down the middle lengthwise. I then cut the ends to a 45* and put on a coat of primer. Next I painted it white, and then used blue and green to letter the sideboards:
    Pro Turf Landscaping
    Design - Installation - Maintenance
    (607) 555 -7890

    I fastened 3 pieces of 1x stock with lag bolts and then slid them into the pockets in the bed of the truck. I had these for the first 3-4 seasons and then as we upgraded to larger vehicles we had the trucks lettered professionally.

    The original set-up cost approximately $50 and the prof set-up ran close to $250.

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