AdvertisePesticide license on my website. Should I & can I

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by oqueoque, Mar 2, 2014.

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    In MinneSNOWTA, if you sub contract Fert/Pest & offer it as a service on your website or other marketing must get your business licensed.
    I would not display that information -- License # that is.
    Also if you do sub out & do not have a license, you must make mention ON YOUR MARKETING material, that your company does not provide these services.
    I do not know if this helps you or not....
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    The OP originally was wondering why other companies do not post license numbers on their web-sites. The OP is already a Licensed PCO. There is no mention of any sub-contracting of anything. I mentioned earlier that some contractors may choose not to post license numbers since they are working off of another contractors number. Although your information may be of interest, I am not sure how relative it is.
    easy-lift guy
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    THE law in NJ says this:
    (c)"No person shall advertise or represent himself or herself in any manner to the public, as performing a service for which licensing is required by this chapter, unless such person is so licensed." That seems to be saying that you can not advertise these services here also. Greenway why wouldn't you display that information. The license is public information. We are required to put the number in 3" letters on two sides of any truck that is involved in the application of pesticides. Last year I was getting flyers in door from people offering fertilizing & pest control, and they were not licensed. The list of people that are licensed is on the NJ DEP website, so you can see that they are not licensed. I constantly see marketing stating "licensed & insured", which could mean they have a drivers license & auto insurance. I think it is a benefit to the customer to hire someone with a Pesticide Applicator's Business License.
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    Legalize is meant to confuse. What it means is,
    "If you don't have a license, you can't say that you do. If you do have a license, you can say that you do."

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