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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Flyer Guys, Feb 12, 2011.

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    When advertising no matter what type (door hangers, flyers, print media, radio, television, web) you must be consistent. The rule of 3 always applies. In most cases if the average person repeats a phone number 3 times he will remember that number for weeks if not months. And if he continues to repeat that number over weeks into months, he will remember that number for years.

    Most if any advertising companies will not tell you this but in the service industry advertising is not about immediate response it's about branding. Yes the immediate response is good and does on occasion cover the cost of advertising but the immediate response is suppose to offset the cost of your advertising not pay for it in the short run.

    "Advertising is like exercise you have to keep it up to gain big results"

    If you are doing any kind of print media continue it for a minimum of 3 months strait. One hit wonders are too common. Doing an ad one time or any type of advertising is like going into a bar drinking one beer, walking out and wondering why you don't have a buzz.

    Last but not least. "CALL TO ACTION" in 99.9% of businesses there is a great deal of competition doing business just like you. So what set's your company, service, pricing apart from every other business just like you? Consumers want quality, professionalism but most of all they want a deal or to feel like they are getting a deal. Your "call to action" has to be original, unique, something your competition is not offering or pricing.

    "Tricky Advertising" is a good way to get your foot in the door and an opportunity to sell the consumer, example; "Free Lawn Care". Free is the key word and the most sought after word when consumers are looking for deals. Now obviously your not going to cut someones lawn free forever but you can say "Free Lawn Care" and in a disclaimer after 10 cuts the 11th is free.

    I wish I had more time to get into more and I hope this helps you all. Best wishes.

    Wyatt Green
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    awesome stuff please more!
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    Good advice, I have been implementing the power of three for 2 years and it works great. What else you got for us?
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    Seems like there is someone on here everyweek giving away all of the secrets.
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    go down to a local library or bookstore and go to the business section...there are countless books on advertising that will state the same as above. I have two or three decent books on advertising that has helped me with my direct mail advertising campaign...and it works.

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