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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, Sep 19, 2001.

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    Anybody here know of a good material resource for advertising aeravation? Over by where I live / work is 100% core aerators. Never seen an aeravator there yet. The nearest dealer I think is like 50 miles away, if not more. I think that with the large clay levels this service could make the right person a lot of money. I have the paperwork from Ryan for aeration, but I am hoping to find something on aeravation to spark more interest. I am communicating back and forth with a representitive of 1st products to see about setting up a meeting.
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    I thought that you were out of business, and ran that fantastic Blimpie
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    I am gonna demo the 60" PTO aeravator on saturday morning. Apparently there is a company near me that deals with them. When I checked 1stproduct's website they did not come up. I am gonna take it to a customer's house who is a big wig at my dealer. I hope that this guy has some pamphlets on benefits of aeravation. The guy told me that the golf courses are using them to a point, but that he can't seem to sell them to landscapers due to the price tag, and I guess some other reasons too.

    ** Price for 60" model no seeder, $5,999.98? before tax. So it's over $6,000.00 obviously.

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