advertising budget $5,000.00 next year. Where you spend that money at?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by georgialawn88, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. georgialawn88

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    Next year starting jan 1st my advertising budget will be 5 thousand dollars. What is best bang for your buck? direct mail? I only do fert and weed control so I wanna advertise at pre-m time mostly but where do you put your money? I know I will have some free days I can go door to door and leave estimates with the customer on their door knob which works well but that will not take up much of the 5 k. Do you have most luck direct mailing or what are some other options you have had luck in?

  2. inzane

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    I'd say get a website and get it to rank well on google for a search for lawn care in the area you service, if you haven't done that already. that has helped me the most this year.

  3. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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    EDDM. Kleen Kurs and Krazy Kajun had great experiences with them
  4. georgialawn88

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    thanks inzane, yes thats in the works. As far as eddm what % on average are you all getting? I know everyone says 1% is what you shoot for. do you find that 1% is a reasonable goal?
  5. monoshock

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    Sign spinners. J/K
  6. snomaha

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    Find out what everyone else is doing for marketing/advertising and do something completely different. Follow the heard a become a commodity or blaze a new trail and make a mark. What makes your company unique or different from all the others you see every day? How can you turn current customers into raving fans that cant wait to refer you?
  7. whiffyspark

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    That's actually a good idea. eddm is a waste IMO. Especially in the spring
  8. Patriot Services

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    That's 1% will actually call you. Doesn't mean closed deals. EDDM actually is getting worse every year as all printed media is. Google adwords has gotten progressively better. Angies list is up there too. Because people pay to use AL they are serious buyers and not tire kickers. I've even offered small incentives to customers to leave a favorable review on AL. Website and search friendly domain name are essential. We still use door hangers in targets around existing customers that see us there every week and see our work. There is no one magic pill, but the old tactics are getting less effective.
  9. MasScape

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    It really depends. We have GREAT success with marketing with fliers. We target new upscale developments. During the early spring, our supervisors drive around and place flier in the newspaper box connected to the mail box OR walk to the door and hang on the doors. (Remember, it is illegal to put in or hang on the actual mailbox!! Also we use our supervisors due to them being on salary and not having much work that time of year so they help with marketing). This year we had a response rate of 8% and close rate on response of 5.5%. Big thing with this type of marketing is targeting correctly. This also has helped us get into new neighborhoods which is BIG. So it has helped more than the rates above because neighbors see our trucks on other houses and decide to call us also.

    Anyways, but on the subject of what to do with $5,000? I know my budget and what works for our target market and our area. It will vary depending on area. I always tell people DO NOT put all your eggs in one basket. Try multiple things every year. TRACK!!!! rates of success of the marketing types!!! This will change over time. We do new things and change how much money we put into different types of marketing EVERY YEAR. This is very important because something that worked the best few years ago can be horrible this year. We base our budgeting of different types every year on what was successful the pervious year. Marketing is an ever evolving thing and you need to stay on top of it. Doing what I told you will stop you from asking this questions again haha.
  10. monoshock

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    Have a guy ride with you and stand by your rig as you mow spinning a sign for lawn care. Maybe I've come up with something. :)

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