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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by heygrassman, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. heygrassman

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    I need some advice. I have door hung about 700 flyers and mailed about 200 letters to potential customers. Problem is I am getting mostly Installation Calls (90%).. big ones. Stuff that I am not I am ready to bite into. Also, since I only have one maintenance customer I need weekly recurring Rev's. I need to work on the cutting processes and getting the time per job down.

    Not for the question.. i am posting a link to the flyer (by the way the paper was white and the colors were to be completely opposite Green was to be black and vice versa but the printer screwd up). Do you think it was the flyer or the Company name that is not driving the maint calls. The houses tageted were 130-150K Slap um up(mostly prefab) homes and 250-300K more custom type homes. Most are less than 2 yrs old a handful with fresh sod from the fall.

    There are 2 items that appear to be missing in the Guarantee section but they were added before delivery.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.

    Jeff Flowers
  2. Dr. Greenthumb

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    Start learning how to do installs and then sell them the R.L.M.
  3. RMDoyon

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    Your flyer is very descriptive and youv'e done nothing wrong.
    Anytime a homeowner sees the word "landscape" anywhere they immediately think you can transform their yard into Cypress Gardens.
    Especially when you have all of your services lised, they figure you do everything else too.

    For this reason I have limited my advertising to mentioning only lawn maintenance and fertilization. This has helped somewhat.

  4. Twotoros

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    Go for it. Everyone here says the real money is in landscaping. Hire some laborers and jump in head first. Sub out some work if you have to but take all the jobs you can. I great in for year round service contracts.
  5. grassyfras

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    Your problem for not getting maintance calls might be because of the people you targeted. IT seems out hear that alot of people with homes that are a few years old seem to do there grass cutting themselfs. Its just a thought.
  6. gene gls

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    The wording of your flyer may be misleading to the property owners that you targeted. When I look at your flyer I would invision that you have a full fledged landscape business with all the equipment and manpower to handle large jobs. I sell myself as a lawncare service and am still offered landscape jobs to bid on that are over my head. I sub out the parts of the jobs that require special equipment. So far so good.


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