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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by La Reina, May 9, 2006.

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    Well, I've been in and out listening to everyone for awhile now while my husband and I start up a small business and all of your input is and was greatly appreciated. Very helpful.
    To the guy who posted about getting quality door hangers THANKS it really has worked for us. Some other posts were that out of several hundred you'll receive 1 call. I only put out approx 100 so far and posted in local grocery stores and have gotten my first 5 accounts in the last 2 weeks.
    One problem I ran across is a local grocery store account. I gave him a bid for late spring clean up (very reasonable) but when we got there it took 3xs as long to finish because the leaves were just packed in the bushes. Hoursssssss just pulling leaves. Should I ask for more because there was no fall clean up last year?? or just leave it at the price I told him, after all I don't want to loose the account, it's a small mow and I priced it very good.

    Oh yeah, Hello Everyone :waving:
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    Welcome to LawnSite La Reina!

    My opinion would to suck it up as a loss. An estimate is an estimate and I would stick with that. It shows honesty. Not everything you do will be a loss. But when a loss has to be taken, take it and move on. Especially if you have the account and like you said it's a small mow worth good money. Estimates will become better and more accurate as you do more.
    Congrats on a good turnaround % with the doorhangers. Just think about how many more accounts you can obtain if you keep hanging them up!
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    But an estimate is just that, an estimate. I have renegotiated on the spot but yeah, I usually feel kind a sheepish about changing the price, people assume an estimate is a price, and its even harder to change if you're already doing the job. But if I'm half an hour into a job that I suddenly realise will take 3x longer the customer shoud also realize this and I would prefer to walk than work 6 hours and get paid for 2.
  4. 29 Palms Property Management

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    You have a point Freddy K. I guess I would have to be in that situation to really feel it. Yes, I don't work for free. I guess you could try to approach the customer and see how they feel La Reina. Maybe they will understand and you can meet half way. You have a better feel for the customer then we do.

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