Advertising Drought Yards Missing Green, Needs Fall Aeration = Revitalize Yard

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Rick13, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Think Green

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    I surmise that Aerating is the simple cure to a season of no water and excessive heat!?
    May it be that you guys up north will recover from the lack of water that we down south is suffering through. We are 16+ inches below the average drought table. It is going to take a monsoon to restore the water tables. Since overseeding with cool season grasses is frowned upon here, I hope and wish you guys well.
  2. Rick13

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    Thanks for the help Think Green! In fact, it's been raining last nite and most of the day so far! It's one of those slow, steady, rains that soaks into the ground.

    I was telling my wife I might start seeing some calls for aeration after a rain like the night time temperatures have been in the low to mid 60's. Great weather to get the grass growing again! It will be my third week cutting yards and things are starting to look green again.

    Hope you get some rain down south....our corn crops up north are going to be pretty bad this year. Good luck and thanks for another great idea!

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