Advertising/Fill Dirt question


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Orlando, Florida
I have two Questions:

1) Is there a formula like for mulch to work out how much fill dirt a hole would need? I have a client who's dog has torn some nice hole's in the yard. He want's me to do an estimate on how much it would be to fill them and turf on top.

B)Do you get the fill dirt from a landscape company? Or from a place like home depot. I know they sell the compost mix but it really needs just good old Florida fill soil.

2) There is this neighborhood close by that I would like to get into. Whats the best way to get all the address of the neighborhood to do a mass mailing?

B)Is there a web site to go to where you can get a plan and all the address?

Is a real nice neighborhood with some nice property and yards.




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Yes,figure your fill dirt the same way.
Look in your newspaper classifieds for suppliers.Alot of times the same person with dirt also has rock.
Stay away from Home Depot and Lowes unless you really only need a small amount.
Example:a .5 cu ft bag of drainage gravel at Lowes is $3.00.Two yards is around $330 dollars.I can have two yards delivered for $70 or 5 yards delivered for $125.($25.00 delivery fee)

As far as the neighborhood goes.I can't help ya other than to say,put a flier in a convenience store nearby the neighborhood.Some place they are likely to stop at.Then use that store as they are advertising for you for free.


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the south
try or I think they have reverse lookups or I know our local county has a website that has everybodies name & address and tax rates.