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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by deereman08, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. deereman08

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    Anyone out there have an example flyer that they could post on here? Trying to get an advertising flyer put together and wanted to know what worked best on there/what a good layout is.
    thanks for any responses
  2. millie86

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    There are alot of different things you could do. You could put an attention getting slogan,Your business name,services you offer, free est, and other stuff like licensed/ insured(assuming that you are). If you have someone make them up for you, ask them for their opinion. I'm sure if they have a printing business, they will have good ideas. Figure out what you think will work best for you and where you are. Good luck.
  3. BurtonsAllSeason

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    Just some advice... What ever flyer you design, don't cheap out when it comes to printing. Go with the glossy, full color, full size pages. It makes them look much more professional. There are deals on ebay, etc. which ended up being less expensive for the full color, glossy flyers than any local printer wanted for plain b&w.
  4. James Rose LawnCare

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    here one my guy did, but i dont think i like it too much Flyer_2.jpg



  5. Will P.C.

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    Can anyone bring up the site?
  6. branchoutshrub

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    Sweet flyer from James Rose!!!
  7. Triton2286

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    Nope , lots of guy's i see on here and plowsite have websites that don't work or have an expired domain.
  8. ryan41

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  9. tonygreek

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    Google Image Search can help with ideas and inspiration.

    Lawn Service Flyer

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