Advertising gimmicks??

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by walker-talker, Nov 29, 2004.

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    A couple years ago I was driving from KC to St. Louis. Along the highway was a series of billboards. I think it was advertising a college football team, but don't remember. After you read the first one...there was another...then another. There were probably 10 in all. Each one grabbed your attention and propelled you to read the next....just out of curiosity.

    I seen the same sort of advertising as I was traveling near Branson Mo this year.....a series of billboards.

    I receive a neighborhood newsletter where there is a real-estate agent that places an ad every month. It's of a comical sort. He will super-impose his head on some sort of character each month...usually has a theme according to the month. For November his face might be on a cartoon turkey, December it might be on a Santa's body, January in might be on a snowman. You get the idea. I find myself, if nothing else, thumbing through the newsletter (in a addition to checking out my competition), if nothing else, to see what this real estate agent is going to look like next.

    I was going to do something similar a couple years ago. My sister and her husband live on a very high traffic street. I volunteered to give them a complete lawn rennovation if they paid for the materials and allowed me to post a billboard while the work was going to be done. My plan was to make a billboard (around 4' x 8") titled something like "Look for changes". I would leave it there a couple weeks. The next one would be titled "See anything different?" You know where I am going with this. Kill out lawn, rototill if needed and then new seed. Another one might read "Do you see any green?" Each one would have my name/log and phone number on it. The last one might of read "A brand new lawn by......"

    I have always enjoyed reading quotes that make you think. A church (as a lot of churches do this) down the street does this. I find myself consistantly drawing my attention to the billboard on the church grounds to read the quote. I can still remember one from over 10 years ago during the month of July. "If you think it's hot out here, it's hotter in hell", but that is neither here or there.

    Now my question, has anyone here down something similar? It may be odd, but it is a very effective means of advertising. In this newsletter I was thinking of doing a monthly add with something similar and looking for idea. I was thinking of famous and not-so-famous quotes.

    Any ideas???
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    What comes to mind is the damned annoying radio advertising I hear all day long. THe stupid gimmicky commercials. One theory on advertising is standing out above the rest, and doing it with annoyance or gimmick. Personally, I hate that stuff. I refuse to patronize any of the stupid annoying commericals on tv/radio, or the stupid annoying print material. Some people might be drawn in with that kind of thing, but I'd say just as many are turned off. Something to consider when designing that kind of advertising.

    Now, something different from stupid/annoying is clever advertising. The sequential billboards you mentioned, the sign in front of your sister's yard, etc, are all clever. I respond to that kind of thing much more than the stupid/annoying stuff.


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