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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by RwADesigner, Mar 30, 2002.

  1. RwADesigner

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    Hey Guys!!!

    What has been your solid advertising tool...that has proved itself over and over again......?

    I have heard of people doing flyers in Newspapers...doorknobs....newspaper ads....

    Anybody use these and keep seeing the benefits again and again.....

    Oh ya...wut about the Phone book (yellow pages) anybody have luck here...?

    Thanks guys
  2. BigJim

    BigJim LawnSite Senior Member
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    Being parked in a street with a nicely sign painted trailer,especially when your working on a regular account,people come up and ask for a price on their lawn too,gets me the highest number of new jobs and the best thing is the job is in the same street as one your already servicing.:cool:
  3. garydale

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    I have tried them all,results as listed
    Yellow pages = 4 books, $= $1100./ mo.=Best results of all.
    However we're reducing now that we're established.<$500. /mo.
    Mailer ( coupon type ) 50,000 homes= no response.
    Cable TV channel for 1 yr.= no response.
    Mail box flyer/ door hanger type= maybe 5 out of every 100.
    Truck lettering= 10 to 12 per year.
    Business cards on bulliten boards= 10 a year.
    Referrals by current customers= 10/yr. ( offer 1 free appl. for ref.)

    I started out all fired up about advertising, but quickly learned it takes time and reputation to get work.
    Guard your reputation at all times,word of mouth can/will make you or break you.

    Good Luck!!
  4. proline32

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    I have always had good luck with these cheap little newspaper ads that cost me $60.00 a month and I only run them for about 6 months, Once I get into an area then I start to work on the neighborhood I'm in by leaving cards on doors of nearby neighbors. I try to saturate an area that I'm working, helps to keep cost down when you don't have to travel alot.
  5. RwADesigner

    RwADesigner LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the good response......

    Do any of you guys do landscape design and installation work...or do u just do maintenance....and if you do...landscape design many peeps actually respond to advertising on it...


    And by the way...i am wanting to get into maintenance ....if someone would care to share some knowledge on how to go about doing need....advertising for commercial as well as residential....

    any info will be greatly appreciated..

    thanks guys
  6. brentsawyer

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    I'm fairly young and my feet are just getting wet with advertising but I'll gladly share my success/failures. Started with flyers many years ago and learned that 1-2% is what to expect. Started posting very attractive posters with pictures of previous work on bulletin boards last year in upscale grocery stores. Got a $4,000 landscaping job last year and I believe 2 other jobs that have been ok. Did a direct mailing of 750 and received about 10 new customers and still receive about one call/day on them, most importantly, they are pre-screened areas what I want to work in and homes that I want to work for, that was three weeks ago and cost me $400, also got a $4,000/year mowing/fert customer. Joined BNI and receive about 1 job/week. Thinking about 2nd direct mailing to same neighborhoods in a few months when the scrubs give up or starting to get fired, I pick up more business in June and July than any other time of year, I stay away from the pack as far as flyers in early spring and won't consider newspaper adds after trying to sell my litter of Golden Retrievers thought that medium. In the neighborhoods I service, I rarely drop the gate to service one customer and reload, after doing quality work week after week, year after year, I mostly do 2-3 per unload and in some cases spend 3-4 hours before getting back into the truck.

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