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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by quickcuts, Nov 2, 2004.

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    Hello all, I have been in the mowing business for about a year now. I passed out about 1,500 cards in mailboxes in March and April and handed out about 100 free estimate sheets. Only had one call on the cards and only had two calls on the free estimate sheets. I did alright I guess, I ended up with 16 accounts for the summer. I'd like more for next year. What is the most cost-effective way to advertise? What works and what doesn't? Thanks for the help!
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    Most cost effective way is word of mouth. Costs you nothing. Let your work speak for it's self and people will approach you. Even working for the school system people would always stop and ask if I did side work. Happened almost every week. My time outside of work was for relaxing when not taking classes. I worked for a carpet company at one time and we did door hangers w/ little response. Same thing though, we're loading the truck and walk ups. How much to whatever? Just being in the right place at right time will prob. score you more biz. jm.02
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    I have to agree, word of mouth works the best. Once you get your foot in the door and slowly start to build that first base and maintain it in good quality order, your reputation will spread faster than any type of advertisement
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    I agree that word of mouth is the most cost effective way to obtain new accounts but as far as pro-active ways to advertise your business I would say fliers. Especially if you are trying to obtian many new clients quickly.

    I have tried radio, mailers, knocking on doors (which works by the way but is very time consuming), coupon magazines, newspaper ads and inserts, phone books, telemarketing and truck lettering. Although I have had some success with each thing to some degree, fliers have returned the most new clients for the investment.

    I will admit that I am not as happy with any of my advertising techniques (including fliers) as I would like to be. When someone finds that marketing-magic-wand that makes the phone ring off the hook, I will be all over it.

  5. horseman201

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    Same here on the fliers. I put out fliers about 3 years ago and got more response off that than mail-outs or advertising in papers. I will be putting fliers out this fall and again in February to get new business for 2005.
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    Everyone's always so quick to say "Word of mouth", but that's a little hard if you're just starting out. As far as the poor response from the 1,500 cards you put in mailboxes, it's possible the mailman removed them since they're not supposed to be there.

    I would continue with the flyers/door hangers thing. Get some nice professional ones made up and get a LOT. Depending on how many customers you're looking to pick up, I'd say a minimum of 5,000 (more is better).

    Then be sure to put them out at the right time. Starting in early spring, and continuing until summer. A lot of people will hire another company, then not be satisfied and will start looking for someone else. Then there are the homeowners that will start doing the lawn themselves at first, then when it starts to get hot, they are ready to hire someone. So putting door hangers out from March until as late as July is probably your best time.

    I prefer flyers over other forms of advertising because I can target specific areas and keep my route tight.
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    Hi quickcuts,

    How about lawn signs too? Many LCOs have found them to be helpful.

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