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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LAWnENFORCER, Feb 26, 2002.


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    First of all, I just wanted to thank you guys for the usefull info. I have been reading posts and for about a month. I have a pt lawn biz and was "brain storming" for unique advertising ideas.

    I thought about placing small 1/2" x1/2" magnets on the back of my buisness cards and placing them on the mailboxes of potential accounts. I figured if the home owner was interested, they could simply place it on the fridge, etc. and not lose the card. I also figured it would spark more interest than a flyer.

    Just wanted to hear yall's opinions.

    Again THANK YOU

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    Great idea ! Trouble is the US Postal service thinks it's a bad idea. They can remove them and throw them away or if they wanted even fine you for tampering with a put that card on the front door but not the mailbox.
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    I agree, stay away from the mailbox! Most people have screen doors with a metal frame, think about placing them there. That has to be costly doing that with magnets (I guess depending how many you hand out). I bought some magnets last spring and paid somewhere around .75 cents each. Where did you get yours and how much were they? The business card with the magnet is a good idea.

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    i agree with the above posts. if this is of any use to anyone, you can purchase 50ft x 1/2" magnets strips at local craft stores. like a jo-ann fabrics, or pat catans type store. cost was $5.00 per roll.

    i used them to make placards for where everything belongs in our warehouse. placards were laminated, then magnets put on back of them, as opposed to gluing them on.

    this way, if we decided to re-arrange, we could just pull off placard and put where needed.
  5. There are several companies offering 500 magnetic cards for $100. I had thought about trying some on doors along with my flyer. Just waiting to finish my web site first so I can add that address. Click on specials and the cards are towards the bottom.
    Or this site has some with grapics that you can imprint. 2 X 2 for about .17 each but larger quantities.
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    1/2 to 3/4 the mailboxes 'round here are either plastic or wood. I'd have to use superglue..

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