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Northwest Ohio
Around my area construction crews put out signs in peoples lawns saying Another Quality Job by ABC Roofing. Anyone ever did this with your lawn service. Example / This Property Maintained by ABC LAWN SERVICE. FOR SERVICE CALL 555-5555. So what do you all think? Just an idea I might try out. You never know who drives by and says WOW I wish my lawn looked like theirs. Think it might work? Or give me some of your ways of drumming up new clients. Thanks as always for your input. Mowman


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Mowman,<p>I suggestyou try anything possible to drum up business. Plenty of guys put signs up during and after a large landscape project around here. I'm not too sure how well these type signs would work for lawn maintenance.--If you mow on a monday and put a sign in the lawn, what about potential customers that see the sign on Sunday afternoon? Or do you plan on taking the sign down after just a few days. But as I said earlier, try any marketing and advertising strategy and see what works. Once you figure out what works, stick with it and share it with the rest of us :)<br>


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I don't think many people want a sign on their lawn year round that says who cuts it, it'll probobly take away from the good lookin yard!! On the other hand, While doing a larger landscape job or new lawn install that you will be working on for several days or longer, its a great idea, and the customer probobly wouldn't mind. I've also seen stores, malls and gas stations where landscapers built a pond or landscape or something for free as a sample of their work and put a sign on it. Kind of a 3-D BillBoard. But that can get very expensive, maintenance, etc. Your truck out front of the property weekly should serve the purpose if you have good lettering or decals on the truck/trailer.<p>----------<br>&quot;guido&quot;<br>David M. Famiglietti


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Sugarland, TX
I put small purple signs on lawns for a week after a spring clean up. Not much spring clean up here in TX, but some just the same. It looks quite impressive for that week when every one of your yards has a little purple sign on it. I'm talking 10 by 15 inches in size.<p>I would recommend it. One thing I do, however, is either ask the client if they mind, or put a small note in the mail box saying &quot;I hope you don't mind, but I was planning on picking up the sign in the week. If you object to this please call me and I'll come right over to pick it up. I have never been called.<p>
Be sure to check the local zoning bylaws which may limit the size of the sign and the period of time during which the sign may go up. There might someone in the neighborhood who takes issues with signs and will file a complaint against you with the building inspector or whichever local official has enforcement authority and could levy a fine against you. That could be some expensive advertising.

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