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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Travisty, Mar 8, 2006.

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    Hey guys,
    Just started my landscape lighting business. I have most of the basics covered. I was curious if anyone had any idea's on Advertising other than the following.
    Passing out Flyers, good quality flyers of course.
    Talking to Landscapers and offering a commision or kickback.
    Talking to high end Statue and gardening stores and offering the same thing.

    I have started getting calls from the flyers, but didn't want to take out a direct mail compaign until I book my first job. I will have my 3rd bid next Tuesday.

    Appreciate any input.
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    I was able to contact my existing client base to get my lighting company going. I would hate to think about coming into this industry cold. Usually it's a landscaper who is using this as an add on or even an electrician who "sees the light". If you are getting a good response from your flyers I would stick with that. Get some yard signs made and when you complete a job, put it in the front yard with a light on it. Get signs for your truck as well. 95% of my work is referral and the rest seems to come from my signs and web site. You really need a web site. It's cheap and it's world wide!!

    The most important thing is to do a great job. Follow up with them after a few weeks and ask if they are completely happy with the system. If for ANY reason they are not happy, fix it!! The comment I hear most from my clients is that they thought customer service was dead until they met me. They will call me sometimes to give me the name of one of their friends that they think might like to have some lighting. That is the coolest feeling.

    Rock on man and good luck!!

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