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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by Don M., Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Don M.

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    So I met today with a woman that does very nice newsletters (magazine quality) into affluent gated neighborhoods. Long story short she is wanting me to advertise with her. I like the newsletter. 50-60% is content, all written by homeowners in the neighborhood. Billy Bob has a retirement party, its in there, so forth an so on.

    She told me a competitor plunked down $1,000 bucks for a 1/4 page ad on the back cover. And it hits home Nov. 15th. To me, thats late, way late. Is my gut telling me right.

    I can get a 8.5x11 postcard designed, and mailed out via carrier route for .24 cents each. I can hit that neighborhood with that for less than $200. I could mail every week, late october to mid november for the cost of that one ad.

    Thoughts about it being way late?
  2. GreenI.A.

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    I think people will be more likely to pay attention to the add in the neighborhood flyer more than your post card. The postcard will quickly go into the trash, while the flyer will probably end up being read over a couple times. Hopefully it ends up in the bathroom, I think I end up reading the same catalogs and magazines 15 times over if they are in the bathroom
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    I do some advertising in a magazine and it has worked great for me for landscaping. Like he said it will end up on the coffee table or the bathroom. but the 15th seems a bit late for your only ad..maybe do one or two postcard distributions during october and early nov. and the magazine if your budget allows..
  4. David Gretzmier

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    Newsletter articles could be another bullet in your marketing gun arsenal. but on ads I'd have to think twice. 1000 bucks is a chunk for 1/4 page in a limited release newsletter. I am a postcard guy. I'd like to know the name of the company that mails 8.5 x 11 postcards for .24 each. that is a steal. I pay about 7 cents each on 6x11's for just printing and mailing to me, around 2-300 bucks for each design from my graphic arts company, and then I use saturation mail on walking routes on the postage. the post ofice tells me once you go over the 6x11 size, the rate on saturation mail goes up per piece. I believe the postage on saturation is around 20 cents each. there must be some bulk discount, however, as I have seen a 11x17 postcard ( not kidding) booth at the louisville-gie expo that gets printed and mailed for around 27 cents each. but I believe you have to do a crazy amount of postcards mailed, like 15000 or up.
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    They will always tell you what your competition is doing so you can out do them. Don't fall for it.
  6. Don M.

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    David, USPS has a program called Every Door Direct Mail. You can mail for .142 to carrier routes and the postcard from gotprint is 9-10 cents. No need for a bulk mail permit or anything like that. This program uses it's own permit that you have your designer include in the design. Plus no need to ink address each one. Just have local postal customer in the address block and that's it
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  7. Don M.

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    Btw, there is a min. of 200 a day and a max of 5000.
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    Hi Don. That program is pretty sweet offered by the postal service. i just signed up for the business account. do you use the retail or bmeu? also do you have any idea how long it takes to reach the house?
  9. Don M.

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  10. Don M.

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    Retail and a couple of days
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