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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by emil35, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. emil35

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    Hello All:

    I was just curious what everyone has considered to be there by form of advertising. Currently I'm a senior in high school and have mowed lawns since I was about 10...really got into it when I was about 13. I have a number of accounts but would like to get somemore work to just make somemore money. I havn't logoed my current truck, but since I'm probably going to upgrade soon, I'm going to just get magnetic signs made up for the moment. I'm considering flyers and/or newspaper ad. I'm also going to try and get more referrals from current/past customers by sending out mailers, but I need the work soon so I need the best approaches. Can anyone assit me in this? Thanks

  2. Collin

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    Flyers and newspapers have not been that good for me. Very poor returns. I found that making a connection with people is the best bet.
  3. emil35

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    yea thats been my best approach for results too. however you can only get so many jobs doing that and when you need more jobs you sometimes have to take matters into your own hands. what does everyone else think? besides word of mouth, what methods of advertising has worked the best for you? Thanks
  4. 2-Cycle Mix Stix

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    How many accounts to you have and how large is your area of operation?

    Also...what's the competition like?

  5. emil35

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    Currently I have about 10-15 weekly customers that I service. I had a large account with the local school district that would take all week with a crew but I'm going to pass on that accout this year simply because I have college coming up for one, and two for the constant pressure they put on me and just barly enough to do the job, it wasn't worth my time, but taught me many things in the year I did do the job so it wasn't a complete waste. I am looking to do 2-3 times the number of smaller accounts becasue I can do them on my own, and with the college i'm going to within 10-25 miles of my main business area (depending on which college I go to), I can schedule them in during the week/weekend. The competition in my area is strong. You always see someone out, but there's anyways work to be done as well. I thought maybe I put out a flyer that states who I am, what services I offer, and that I'm doing it to pay my way through college. That way I get customers that want to hire me for why I'm working, and understand that I might not get to them every week, but will always call and get the job done. What do ya all think of that?
  6. 2-Cycle Mix Stix

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    Ok, you want to expand to 30+ accounts.

    I'd recommend two things. When you get to college, grab the listing of landlords who do student rentals. Call or write all of them to see if they need a new lawn cutter. The most they can say is no.

    The second thing. Find the most under harvested neigborhood (if possible) and send out a targeted mail. Send out like 3 letters per street. Offer a 1 & 1 - a free cut with new service. Your max exposure is the postage and your time.

    But it's all about Revenue Stream. Take one for team, but you might cut that lawn for rest of your life, (if you stay with the green buz).

  7. emil35

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    thanks for the ideas. I've have to try them this coming season (I like that landlord idea...didnt think of that). One flyer I've made up for this year has an offer of a free lawn mowing to see how I cut. The most I do is spend an hour and never cut for them again, but I'm going to put a sign on the each lawn I do that for (with permission of course) for about a week and maybe it'll land me an account or two. The flyer states who I am, what I do (Services) and why I do it. That way I hopfully will get some customers that want me to work for them to help my cause. I think it's a rather good idea, what do you all think?

    Also, since I'm going to be downsizing and selling off a good part of my business, I'm going to have some extra cash I could use towards some "niche" markets that are profitable. My question with that is are there any "niche" markets that are more profitable then others (stump grinding, fertilization, etc.) Just trying to go through college with as little debt as possible. I have a classmate who helps me from time to time and a younger brother who will starting to enter the business soon. Thanks again for all your input.

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