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    what avenue do you guys advertise with, been in the business for 21 years, business died out quite a bit while i was hired as a firefighter juggling 2 full time jobs, never had to advertise let it dwindle down to 20 of my best customers, the rest really died off in time.
    Long story short my son wants to build business back up, he's attending college for his horticulture degree.
    Did door to door in good neighborhoods, did local town papers, did regular newspaper....No real great response.
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    I am an EMT on a paid call dept.
    Anyway, what time of year did you try to advertise? If it was at the end of the season most people have a contractor. You need to start early in the season. If he doesnt have much going on advertise next day service. Go into buisnesses and introduce yourself ask them if you can give them a price, being on a dept they thinkl hey he must be a good honest guy. Talk to other landscapers, I know when i get to busy i throw work at a few other guys.

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