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    That's a nice looking flyer, Jim. I always like seeing your work. We're using a semi-professional layout, made on MS Publisher (Bars letterhead, Pebbles color scheme), with some color scattered throughout, targeting mostly postage stamp yards, $60,000 and up houses, mostly around the city. We give beginning rates for some programs. This is a chemical only company, with the exception of grass seeding. What kind of results do you think we should see?
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    you must live in a very rural area. a ghetto house in our area would not be less than $100K. no offense.

    here, the average is about $250-$300K.
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    I find it hilarious that this thread has been around for almost 5 years and just got "moved" to the appropriate forum today. :laugh:
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    it's funny to read something that you wrote years back....and see what your opinion was then and how it evolved over the years, right jim?

    interesting. i'd never advertise with the YP. I never look up anything in the pages. it's all on the net. if they are not on the net, i dont want their business.

    i just have to start my website again.

    do you know of any good template sites?
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    Petrentz - it's country, not rural. ;)
    And no, it's not all that rural, that was a low estimate ... however, the cost of living, I guarantee you, is lower here than there. :D

    Here's a link to a $79,000 (average) house around here.
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    i'd like 4 of those, please... :)
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    man if you could get a house like that around hear for that price I would have bought a house when i got out of highschool!!!! I am moving.. LOL
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    Yah, it's hilarious some times. The other day I just realized you could click on a User's name and one of the options is "find all posts by User". So I did that for myself. And I went to some of my first posts I made back in 1999 and 2000. Some of them were still about what I would say today. But some were way different than the advice I would give today. It was very funny.

    Well, I can't say the YP don't have their place. All I can say is I've realized that I am not ready for them yet. My local Yellow Pages covers 4 counties and like 20 different cities. Of those, I only cover 1 county and about 5 cities. So right off the bat, 75% of the people reading my ad aren't in my area of coverage. That's a waste right there. In addition, I found that I only got enough calls to pay for the ad for maybe 5 or 6 months out of the year. The other 6 or 7 months I actually lost money on the ad. And for 4 months - no matter how big of an ad I had - I got ZERO calls. Yet, I was still paying $750 every month. Just didn't make sense.

    Now I think the Yellow Pages WOULD work for someone who had a large enough operation to cover all of the cities and counties covered in the book. Then, you'd be able to take advantage of every caller and it may work out for you. But I am nowhere near that big yet. So my conclusion is that big yellow pages aren't appropriate for 90% of LCOs out there.
    Not really. I am fortunate to have a great website designer in my family (my cousin) who does it all for me for very cheap. So I didn't make mine from a template. My cousin did most of it, I just direct him as to what I want it to look like.

    I do know that the generic website templates they have at are pretty nice and VERY easy to set up. Last year, I made a website for my friend and it only took us about 30 minutes to set up his domain and his website. It was very cheap too. Check it out at . It's not the best website around, but it ain't bad - especially for the price.
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    y'know, until i saw the post indicating it was a revived thread, i had no clue. great job digging it up.

    jim, that was a fantastic thread. i though i'd read the bulk of your work, but i'd missed this one. i love seeing you revisit the thoughts you had then vs. now.

    as for yellow pages, i'd agree with the top listings getting the bulk of the calls. one thing i tested for my replacement window company was only running the standard business listing, which put it 2nd from the last listing of a hundred or so (Windows & Co. was the name). clark howard (author, radio host, consumer advocate) always recommends people start at the back, as those companies might offer the best rates. to my detriment, it was true. i had guys wanting windows installed for $75 bucks. we switched to display ads and it did well, but i still prefer the targeted marketing of flyers, inserts, and direct mailings. of course, like you, i am most enamored by web marketing. if people realized what a well-built, and marketed, site could do for them, they'd be stunned by the ROI.

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    Care to offer some numbers? I'm all ears.

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