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  1. tinman

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    Hey Jim,

    Interested to get your thoughts on the Black & white fliers.... Still use those at all? Guessing you're not, but I'd like to know. Thanks.
  2. JimLewis

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    I don't use the Black and White flyers any longer. Simply because I don't need to. I found out that if you buy in bulk (10,000 or more) then you can get the cost of full-color flyers almost down to the price of black and white. The last flyers I had made were 2 sided, full color, on very thick card stock paper with photos, several colors, etc. and they ended up costing me like 5 cents each if I remember correctly.

    I think Black and White are fine if that's all you can afford. I built my business using them. I always got a good response. In fact, I'd wager to say I probably got as good or better response with those than I do with my nice color flyers.

  3. Tom Gs

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    4 color process is the only way to go..........8 1/2 x 14 max. for the flyer........send out as much as you can handle-in terms of risk.......My budget for marketing with flyers, at one time, was 25-27% of gross revenues.

    Good Luck!
  4. tonygreek

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    "My budget for marketing with flyers, at one time, was 25-27% of gross revenues."

    jeeeeezus.... sure beats the 4-10% "rule of thumb" or so of total marketing budget relative to gross. did you track client capture and re-ups for following years based upon the initial %, which obviously is either a small amount or a huge amount relative to your gross at the time. if you did 10k that year, it's not an astonishing number. if you did 50k that year, i'm all ears.
  5. roushjh

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    Would any of you share some examples of black and white flyers you've used in the past? I'm getting ready to have 2000 distributed on doors, and am having a hard time coming up with the flyer. I know that's not a lot, but the distribution company says they've had other LCO's in the area get 15-20 calls from 2000, and that's about all I'm looking for. I'm part time, and word of mouth has already got me about 1/3 of the business I'm wanting this year.

    Thanks in advance, :)

  6. Tom Gs

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    The heck with rule of thumb number of 4-10% of total marketing budget!If I adhered to that philosophy(MartyGrunder),I'd be nowhere.

    Every dollar spent yielded three, except one year where it did not do well at all.(One year, I spent all my prepayments on flyers!) But I was determined to make it right so I downsized my flyer in 2004 to 8 1/2 x 14 and it has worked very well.

    This year my flyer budget will be at 12% of gross revenues. It still makes me a little nervous spending that amount but I'm confident about this flyer since its an evoultion of last year's.
  7. tonygreek

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    as you noticed, i used the wide spread of 4-10%, and dependent upon the source, you'll see towards 15%, so i put little stock into it (with a marketing degree, i quickly discounted the rule of thumb due to inconsistency and subjectiveness from text to text) and it should be what's appropriate for each business. whether that's marty's recommendation, i woudln't know. i live in his city, have used him for work, but his living is better made from his self-help guru stuff than his actual business.

    good to see your roi has been what you hoped. have you tracked it year over year with regard to initial customer sign-ups based on the 27% budget and those same initial clients retention rates? ie, that initial 27%, based on desired company growth, should be scaled back in successive years due to retention related to customer loss related to additional growth. clear as mud... :)
  8. Tom Gs

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    Not really, new customers are very hard to keep. The numbers are scaled back because of increased revenues= less money spent on the overall budget of marketing(flyers). This means, obviously, client retention is very high.
  9. bigviclbi

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    I go to staples and buy there color paper with flower border then get copies printed on it in black ink. They look nice and and they are cheap since its black ink only. I just ordered color doorhangers so we'll see how that goes.
  10. 7mtnsod

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    Is anyone out there trying magnetic business cards? Placing them on storm doors or mailboxes? We have found these work well and lets be honest out there.....if you've ever been given a magnetic business card chances are its still on your fridge?

    Anyone have any luck with these?

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