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    Seems as though alot of our work comes from referrals which is fine and always welcome! But it got me thinking, how does everyone advertise their hardscape/landscape services? I dont mean lawn maint. and fert., I'm talking about hardscaping and landscaping ie: plantings, gradings, new lawns etc. Has direct mail worked for anyone in this field? Doorhanger type things? Or is it something more personal or targeted? Curious to see what you do and what works. Also, if anyone has some marketing material or ideas they care to share please do.
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    We advertise a couple of different ways. Trade show is one, home service mag. (Home Mag), Trailers have stickers and trucks, Yards sign at projects and door hangs at luch in the area we are working. Have had high success with door hangs and yard signs. This year we will be purchasing a mailing list and doing direct mailer to home in our target market.
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    Things that have not worked well for us val pak, butlers mailer, and news paper were big losers. Hand out at the home shows drove a lot of traffic to the web site and gave us great exposure

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