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advertising method?

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Ok so TG was going around putting lawn posting signs in every yard stating what that price was to service that yard. Has anyone done this? doesnt seem to bad of an idea, but still kinda putting trash in someones yard. they put one in my fiances parents yard for 29.95 an app and they have 14,000sf?
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In debate of the ink pen idea.........while sitting at gymnastics class with my youngest daughter, I talk to other mothers and fathers while sitting on those uncomfortable bleacher chairs. Often, I will notice a pen of a unspecific company being used or in someone's pocket. I would ask about that company or ask of whom they would suggest doing the work of............lets say home health care. The pen they are holding says the name--number,etc. and the people can only say--Well, the phone book is full of providers.
I guess what I am trying to sell here is, the ink pen is a writing tool.......often dropped on the floor and often stolen from the truck-forsaken for its original use and target markets.. However our desires to see our name in print makes us feel professional. The ill fated fact is, most people don't give a pen the second glance to refer someone to the services provided. I have hundreds of pens in my truck, home, and office from other services and they collect dust. Rarely do I tell a customer wait a minute--let me dig through my truck and find their pen. NO!
Most times business cards are used to write down other important information and then end up on the floor board of the car. I have had numerous forms of advertisements stolen and or discarded from other competitor's.
Now, I only give cards or pens to immediate customer's whom we talk with face to face. What they do with them is their business. As for the baited lawn sign or the door tag has worked somewhat for us, but I feel that it is risky and productive in other markets. As far as getting the sign to the door is something that can be done while finishing up a service on the way out of the subdivision or commercial property. Your machines are making noise, so don't think that people don't see or hear you working in the area.

The way I see it------ 95% customers will drive home, hit the driveway, raise the garage door, drive in and get out. The use of the front door for advertising has become a thing of the past. You have to find a way of getting ads to the garage door without defacing the customers property. A form of light hanger . I put a business card somewhere in the cracks of the garage door opener..........there always is one somewhere by the door. There is more times that the customer will see this before they see the front door. Too often, the front doors are riddled with Pizza coupons hanging or wet and mangled in the shrubbery beds. This is a clue to the front door not being used at all............??
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