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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DFW Area Landscaper, Jan 26, 2005.

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    Last year I ordered 20,000 door hangers. They were first class, full color, UV coating. I paid $1,329 and that included delivery.

    The door hangers were 4.25" wide and 11" tall with a door knob hole cut in the top. My cost per door hanger is about 6 cents each. They look really nice. People think I'm a giant company when they call from them.

    The problem is the door knob hole. It takes too much time at the door to get the thing on the door knob. I know we could get a lot more door hangers out per hour using painters masking tape to affix the paper to the brick or glass.

    So I called my printer from last year. I figured they would charge me the same price to print the door hangers this year. But this year, instead of having them cut a door knob hole, I'd have them cut the door hanger in half, such that I'd have two post cards, each 4.25" wide and 5.5" tall. My cost per post card would be around 3 cents each. The printer would use the same amount of paper and materials as they did last year, but this year, I'd be getting two advertisements instead of one. My crews would then affix those cards to the customer's home with painters tape.

    So I call my printer and she tells me the price for 50,000 units would be over $2,100 with shipping to my door. That brings my cost to around 4.2 cents per post card. I know exactly what they're doing. Post cards are more profitable for the printers than door hangers and they're trying to price this as well as they can with market prices. But then she goes on to say "If you find a better price, fax us the quote and we'll match it." In other words, this isn't my best price and we're willing to accept less, but we're going to waste your time if you want a better price.

    Anyone know of a printer out there that doesn't play games?

    DFW Area Landscaper

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    I don't know anyone down in Texas, but I know a good printer in Virginia if you ever move up this way...LOL

    Have you tried taping things on doors before? Some people might be turned off by it. If your doorhanger has a slit cut on one side of the hole it should go on pretty easy.
  3. i_plant_art

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    try they have good prices and really good service as well form my experience. you can get a sample pack of what they offer and its at your within 48hours UPS literally. is another good one. is another good one.
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    dfw, man oh man there is no way i would tape anything to a door. first, you're going to have the people that just assume tape will damage their property, so you can rule them out as customers. second, even painters tape can cause problems. heat and moisture are two things that can cause residue, as well as just leaving it on too long. what about those that are on vacation and don't try to pull it off for a week or two?
  5. Hamons

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    I agree -- you are asking for trouble by taping it to their door
  6. LawnsRUsInc.

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    For ok looking door hangers try NEBS for Really nice door hanger try Addy was helpful

  7. andersonmowing23

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    I got to agree to. I would be careful honestly I don't really think you will damage anything, but the people won't see it that way. Plus why take the chance. Have you ever thought about putting the flyers underneath the mailbox. I know at least in my area they usually have a tube underneath the mailbox, This is what I normally do and seems to work just fine and faster then door hangers, which I used to do.
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    Slip it between the door and jamb. I tried the tape routine on my customers to make sure the invoices did not go any where. All I got was complaints. No major problems they just did not want it taped to the door. So I went back to sliding it back in between the door and jamb.
  9. Lux Lawn

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    I would not use tape that will not go over very well with people and will not set a good example right of the bat for potential customers.What I would do is check out some of the other printers already mentioned here or for better price's.
  10. DFW Area Landscaper

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    99% of the homes I target are brick. Painters tape on brick isn't going to hurt a thing. I anticipate a percentage of complaints. That's normal. But when I started two years ago, I used painters tape and placed my business cards on brick. No complaints, but I did pick up a few customers. It works and its fast. You just tear the tape and affix between houses.

    The hole in the door hangers just isn't takes too much time on the front porch trying to get the stinking thing to stay on the door knob. And you almost always make noise...the home owner probably thinks you're trying to break in at first. As for placing these things in the door jam, they almost always fall to ground.

    99% of the door hangers I get at my house are affixed with rubber bands. I noticed the contractor that was doing it for a pizza place in my neighborhood was really moving from house to house. He was knocking them out really fast. Problem is, the rubber bands melt in the sun and get stuck to the door knob. But that's how everyone around here does it. Perhaps rubber bands are the way to go???

    All I know is, last year when I was getting prices for my door hangers, there were only a handfull of printers who could cut the door knob holes. The door knob holes are complete waste in my opinion.

    DFW Area Landscaper

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