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advertising on mowers?


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Anyone here advertise their company on their mowers? I have a walker and was thinking about adding my logo or name on the grass catcher. I know most of the time people would just look at the truck, but we have some properties on busy roads where the truck is behind a buiding. Any thoughts or pics?


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A small town, NC
I've seen a few guys with signs or stickers on on the front panel of the handle bars or gas tank. It actually looked good, but It might be too small to read especially if you were both moving. You would have to find a way to make it very big for it to be readable.


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Its a great idea, We as dealers put our sticker on the mower when we sell it. Why shouldnt you. Just make it visible from a distance. But not tacky. Infact carve it into the mower. That way if its stolen you will allways know its yours.


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Sounds like a good idea to me, especially when you mow near high traffic areas, away from your truck. Just make it big enough to see and still look good on the mower.

Jason Rose

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I did last year. Had the guy that made my vinal sinage fro my trucks print up some "stickers" for me to apply to whatever I wanted to. I need to get some more, and in various sizes done. Walker's are easy, the badge they have on the sides of the hopper peel off when on the trailer from the wind, so I just slap my stickers where the Walker decal went (only place to stick it as the plastic is rough over the rest of the hopper). I put them on the hopper on my permagreen, both sides of the fenders on my Grasshopper and so on...

Another LS memeber turend me onto the idea of decaling everything as they had done. It's probably not going to be seen by many, but everyone knows what's mine if it's sitting away from the trailer.

If you already have vinal graphics, chances are whoever did that can d the same sort of deal I got with the stickers. I think I paid $25 for 10 of them that were 4"x6". Like I said, this time I will get some that are larger too.


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Carrollton, KY
we will be doing it this year .... we are actually taking it to the next level .... We run john deere mowers and our company colors are green and blue ... we are going to re cover the seat with blue and re paint the rims with blue and place EasyPro stickers on the side where the JD ones are .... its all about branding!


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Champaign, IL
I like the idea of decals on the mowers, just makes it a little more unique, I saw a guy around here last year that had an old exmark with his name and number on a some sort of board hanging from the folded down roll bar behind him. Made me laugh!