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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by procut, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Paradise Landscapes

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    I once tried that. It absolutely did not work for me. Not a single call. I think it makes a business look tacky.
  2. macharborguy

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    I own a motel business and we have advertising thru PlateMate, currently 2 runs of the ad thus far. The price is around $170 per run. Oddly enough, Google sent me $250 to use for their AdWords service and the following month after using them we had much better business than the previous months (we are new owners).

    Apparently PlateMate does a "dollar for dollar" trade when it comes to some motels, where we trade them, dollar for dollar, a room that one of their employees can stay when they come into town to deliver their platemats to the restaurants. The rest of the $170 is then left in a, as they put it, "rolling balance", which rolls over each ad cycle. Personally, I call that "debt".

    When I spoke with them about paying for the advertising in full and getting my balance to zero, they seemed to not be interested in doing this and told me that I would "lose money" in the long run.

    I take pride in knowing that I don't own any company that I do business with anything, or at the very least know that if I do owe them money that I will be billed at a regular cycle. It is also a bit alarming when a company that I am doing business with openly says that if I pay them money that I am wasting it.
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    I thought about doing the placemat thing at a few diners around here this past spring. Only reason why I didn't do it was simple, I have never called anyone I have seen advertising on there, never tore a coupon out of the placemat, or anything like that. I could be the exception and maybe everyone else uses them, but thats the number 1 reason why I didnt go thru with it. Hope this helps
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    Interesting - an ancient thread revived.

    I did place mats years ago. Never kept track of results, but would condider it again locally just for the fun of it.

    But most restaurants here don't use them, because it simply is not a need.

    It probably wastes paper needlessly too, compared to just wiping a table that has to be wiped anyway.

    If it was avaiable, I sure would not have high expectations though.
  5. procut

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    Hah! When I saw this threads title, I remebered that I had started a thread about this very subject years ago, and I was going to try to find and post a link, but when I clicked on it, it was my old thread! It's from almost four years ago. For the record, I never did the place mat thing.

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