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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by nomad718, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. nomad718

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    I started a lawn care business this spring doing only treatments, no mowing, landscaping, etc. I started out by going door to door through many neighborhoods dropping fliers, with very little response. Luckily for me, the company I used to work for went out of business and I was able to pick up quite a few accounts. Since I can't count on growth like that again, I have been looking into different advertising options. Has anyone had success with any of the following? Angie's list, Groupon, yellow pages, Google adwords, or possibly just hiring someone to make my website more visible, other? I have a very limited advertising budget and want to get the most bang for my buck. Any opinions are appreciated.
  2. Adeas Printing

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    Door hangers are a great avenue for marketing your business and A'Deas Printing would love to help! We have a great special going on right now for 1000 full color one-sided door hangers for only $99 and with that comes free design! For more information go to our website
  3. grassmonkey0311

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    Google Adwords has worked good for me. Craigslist and fliers also work if you want to do it cheap. it just takes time, not to mention you have to hand out a TON of fliers.

    I stay away from any review sites. Mainly for this reason and the fact that most people only take the time to bash you and tell the world how terrible you are because you wouldn't do free service.

    Starting out is pretty hard. Everyone thinks you hand out a few hundred fliers and your good to go! Hardly the case. You have to spend money to make money.
  4. Stars & Stripes Landscaping

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    If you're going to contact Adeas Printing call them. I emailed them about a month or ago and have yet to hear back.
  5. Liberty Lawnworks

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    I have had great luck with Craig's List this year, but I attribute that to the fact that I can spell and use proper grammar. I wouldn't hire 99% of the service companies on Craig's List just based on how unprofessional their ads are. If you post an informative ad with pictures and a reason why a prospective customer should hire you, CL can work out great. If you just throw up a text-only ad that you wrote in five minutes, I would expect to get a ton of calls from people who are simply looking for the cheapest price.
  6. ztrninja

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    Check your spam box, I have had their recent correspondence end up there. Although i have been waiting on a follow up quote for a few days now........
  7. ServicetoMobile

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    Be sure to also look at the "Gigs" section on Craigslist. Sometimes people post their lawn care needs there. What's your website address?
  8. GravelyWalker

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    I'm from Indy as well. This year I put out 1000 postcards that got me one mowing account that cancled as soon as it got dry. Craigslist landed me a good 15 customers. Good not great I'm looking to go higher end so I think next year I am going to do majority of my advertising through angies list. My brother is actually a search engine optimizing specialist for them so I have him on my website too. Angist list is all high end people who pay for the best. I am talking to my brother to find out just how many people really go to AL for lawn care.
    I would say craigslist is a great start since it is free just make sure you have a good ad with pics. I don't have any experience with news papers or yellowbook yet.
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  9. AllProLC

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    Are you licensed? Always looking for someone to refer lawn care treatments to on Northside of Indy
  10. AllProLC

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    Angie's List member & not happy with them at all

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