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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by DLONGLANDSCAPING, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Sub'd for updates. Here's hoping you're too busy to reply! :drinkup::usflag:

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    I have a question for you before i update you guys. So if i order 250 yards of mulch to be delievered to my shop. I have to be registered "for hire"..... I own the product. I am selling the product to clients and charging to deliever it.

    What about this scneario?

    I am very eager to have these psot cards go out. I have had an overwhelming response to my first EDDM of 15k post cards that went out last week for lawn and landscape. Have landed about 8 new lawn maintenance accounts and about 15 new landscape jobs, the biggest is about 24k dollars.

    Im doing things in reverse order as i should be. I am buying a truck at the begining of next week. 08 f 350 6.4L. The mulch cards are going to be sent out next week thursday. I figure april is really when everyone is currently thinking about their yard, and this weekend its supposed to be nice.

    I will keep everyone updated with the response from these cards.
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    So are you installing for $65 or $75 a yard?
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    Now you have to be a "retailer" and have a retail license/certificate. At least in Maine. Or you could say it's bulk storage for your mulch jobs like JContracting said.
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    Can you quantify "overwhelming"?
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    For hire vs not for hire is this: If you are doing a job for a customer hauling mulch for the said job you are not for hire. If you are just doing mulch delivery customer calls says bring me 5 yards of mulch I am going to put it down myself this weekend. You are now for hire. Simple as are you hauling for yourself or someone hired you to haul something for them.
    The other thing that comes into play is tax. For us anyways we pay tax on the mulch we buy to use on jobs because we are the end user. In terms of delivery and sale of mulch you could be tax exempt but then need to make sure to charge sales tax and pay it for the person you deliver to.
    In regards to the truck it sounds like a nice truck but if it is a dump the truck probably weighs 10-11,000 lbs and has a gvwr of 13-14,000. You have about zero payload capacity. So just be careful with that.
    If you ultimate goal is to use it mostly for mulch and to use here and there for jobs looks for an international 4300 or a gmc 6500. You can buy a 10 year old models of both with 14-16ft boxes for cheap. You will have a gvwr of close to 26,000 with a truck that weighs 14-16,000. Much better in terms of load capacity for weight and volume but only costs half of the 350.
    Anyways good luck with the mulch idea I still think its a good idea.

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    5 estimates a day for the last 2 weeks. Pretty overwhelming for me . Plus about 10-15 emails each morning.
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    Good work. Please be closing these people on the phone or right on the spot when you do the estimate.
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    Always be closing.
    Good luck with this man. I agree with doing one thing and doing it well, and doing A LOT of it. I also agree on shooting for a larger truck.
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